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Couple Sues Planned Parenthood Over Failed Abortion

The couple is suing for $765,000, or "the cost of raising an unplanned child," as well as damages for emotional stress, negligence, breach of contract, violation of consumer protection laws and unfair trade practices, among other claims.

Washington State Considering Immunization Bill

House Bill 1638, would look to eliminate those personal and philosophical exemptions as related to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine — more commonly known as the MMR vaccine — but would allow for religious and medical exemptions

Father Prevented From Accessing Child's Medical Records

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is geared towards the protection of individuals, including minors, specifically regarding health care. Under the law, parents have full access to their child's medical records "as his or her minor child's personal representative when such access is not inconsistent with State or other law," the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says.

Only Two Healthcare Systems Exist

When I lived in the U.S. I was amazed at how expensive health services were and how unfair it was that the services my family and I used weren't available for everyone.

Weed's Leading Women

Since legalization hit the U.S., the cannabis industry has been assumed to be a bastion of progressive values, but as far as we've come, the women at the top of the industry are here to tell you there's more work left to do.