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Shot Bystander Sues Bar For Fueling "Wild West" Melee

A civil lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Chittenden County Superior Court accuses the Nectar's Bar (or it's umbrella business Ya Dude, LLC) of "causing an outrageous and unacceptable threat to public safety" on the night of Feb. 25 into Feb. 26.

Man Claims Phoenix Cop Who Paralyzed Him Lied

On Monday, Edward Brown, 35, appeared with his attorneys before reporters to reveal a gunshot entry wound on his back and returned verbal fire against a Phoenix police officer who shot him and claimed afterward that Brown was grabbing for his firearm.

Fugitive Who Threatened to Shoot Trump Is in Custody

Shawn Christy, 26, of McAdoo, Pennsylvania, remained a fugitive for 100 days. On Friday afternoon, he was captured in Ohio. He faces federal charges for transmitting in interstate commerce communications "threats to harm, injure, and kill a police chief, other law enforcement officers, and a district attorney and President Donald J. Trump," according to the federal criminal complaint.