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Netting Friends Online

Like millions of teenagers around the world, Sue Bloom spends several hours socializing online every day. She posts pictures, meets new friends, updates her blog and runs a popular online photography group with almost 500 members.

Smoother Surfing

If you want to get a fix on the future of the Internet, have a look at Google's map site. At first glance it may not seem much different from its competitors.


What would the Web look like if you viewed it from the inside of your computer monitor? Backwards, right? Now you can see it that way by typing and then a Web site's address after the "equal to" symbol.

Window On Windows

PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TOUTING WORLD WIDE WEB-based learning for a while, but clicking through a series of Web pages isn't anyone's idea of fun. Ziff-Davis's LearnItOnline ( shatters that paradigm with a smart, slick extension of its series of how-to computer books.