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To Live and Die in Gitmo

The military brass says three detainees simultaneously killed themselves. A decorated soldier who saw what he wasn't supposed to see believes it was something much, much worse.

Richer but Repressed

China is wealthier than ever, yet corruption, censorship, and deep social problems are pervasive. What's more important—money or freedom?

John Kerry on Kennedy, the Compassionate Friend

Teddy was the greatest teacher anyone in politics could have asked for. I may not always have been the best student, but he never stopped dispensing lessons.I came out of activist, grassroots politics, where the coin of the realm was issues and policy positions.

Why India and Washington Could Still Clash

Since the Congress Party's huge win in India's elections was announced on May 16, pundits across the country and in the United States have predicted that the warming relations between Delhi and D.C. are now sure to grow even closer.

Mail Call: Leisurely Vacations

Readers of our May 14/May 21 travel special praised the report. One thanked us for "interesting tips on finding a destination." Another said, "Your article hits the nerve of our time, when not getting nervous seems impossible." And, she advised, "throw the BlackBerry overboard!"Your May 14/May 21 special report on this year's travel trends, "Slow Is Beautiful," calls people's' attention to enjoying vacation as an escape from life in the fast lane and gives travelers some interesting tips on...

Rebuilding Rome as a Virtual City

How do you say megabyte in Latin? Ancient Rome was reborn—as a virtual city—today, when a team of American and Italian academics unveiled Rome Reborn, a real-time 3-D computer reconstruction that allows visitors to navigate the ancient city as if it were 320 A.D.

Film: A Marriage Torn Apart By Alzheimer's

The easy and lazy way to describe "Away From Her" is to say that it's a movie about a woman (Julie Christie) with Alzheimer's. There's nothing factually wrong with that sentence, but it conjures up the image of a sentimental disease-of-the-week TV movie.

The Editor's Desk

On an April morning earlier this year, sitting in an armchair in his office on the campus of Texas A&M, George H.W. Bush was drinking coffee and talking--reluctantly, but still talking--about history.

A Rosh Hashana Wish

This year I am declaring war on conventional wisdom, which is really nothing but a collection of sayings we think are true just because we hear them and say them all the time.

Letters To The Magazine

A Goliath of Indian Industry Awesome! Your cover story on the goliath of Indian industry, Mukesh Ambani, has served to inspire all progressive Indians with a newfound sense of capability and empowerment ("India's Mister Big," July 17).

Tom Lantos: A 'Promising Process'

With the latest round of talks on the North Korean nuclear issue ready to resume on Sept. 13, California Congressman Tom Lantos--the ranking Democrat on the House International Relations Committee--recently made a four-day trip to Kim Jong Il's increasingly isolated nation.