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Cut the IBS

Food giants are hustling to develop palatable products low in short-chain carbohydrates to ease the burden of digestive disorders.

Still Evolving After All These Years

Maybe there is yet hope for humanity: According to an analysis of 2.8 million variations in the human genome, we are still evolving. People the world over differ by about one in a million of the nucleotides that make up our DNA, but what's interesting is evidence that those differences are not random but, instead, the work of natural selection, report Lluís Quintana-Murci and colleagues of the Institut Pasteur in Paris, in the online edition of the journal Nature Genetics.

What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

The mark of a scientist is being able to change his or her mind in light of new evidence, but when the online intellectual salon chose as its annual question, "what have you changed your mind about?

Back Talk: Halting the Alarming Rise in Food Allergies

'Kids and the Growing Food Allergy Threat': Readers welcomed our cover story on the search for the treatment of, and cure for, food allergies. "It's hard to describe to people the daily fear I have when my son says goodbye as I drop him off at school," one said.

Fear and Allergies in the Lunchroom

It's 1 p.m. at Mercer Elementary School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Lena Paskewitz's kindergarten class is filled with the happy hum of kids getting ready for their favorite part of the day: lunch.

Periscope: Third Front for Jihadists

WAR ON TERROR The Jihad Opens a Third Front Islamic militants in Pakistan have long sowed instability in both India and Afghanistan. Now they are cultivating a third country: Iran.Last month, a car bomb just over the Iranian border killed 13.