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Why Landis Went After Lance

What led disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis, who spent three and a half years after his 2006 Tour de France victory denying he doped, to not only backpedal on his story in May, but accuse onetime teammate Lance Armstrong of using performance-enhancing drugs?

The New Black Panther Story: Light on Facts, Heavy on Echo

The problem with the version of the New Black Panthers story circulating in right-wing media is that everything rests on one man's unverifiable testimony. Rather than find facts, those driving the narrative are content to repeat the same unverified story over and over.

Why a Higher Postal Rate Is Good for the Economy

When the U.S. Postal Service loses money, it's effectively subsidizing inefficient business models and operations. And less mail would be better for the economy, better for businesses and consumers, and better for the environment.

The Case Against Marriage: 10 Readers Weigh In

Does marriage in 2010 make sense? In last week's magazine, we published a story arguing against the institution, at least for young, professional women like us. It prompted our colleagues—a few of them, anyway—to argue against us. It also set off an outpouring from readers—some in support, some in opposition, and some, well, somewhere in between. A few of the comments that really got us thinking:

How to Have a Midlife Crisis

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a midlife crisis as "an emotional crisis of self-confidence or identity that can occur in early middle age, associated with the idea that one is growing old or that life is passing one by." But is it possible to freak out about one's lost youth in a dignified way? Here are just a few of the rules I'd like my midlife crisis to follow.

How Mark Critz Won: Following Dems Playbook

All day long, bullish Democrats built expectations for victory in Tuesday's special election to replace the late representative John Murtha in Pennsylvania, e-mailing taunting quotes from political observers: "Republicans have no excuse to lose this race," Charlie Cook wrote in his famous political report.