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Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch, Vol. 3: Why Hasn't Romney Weighed In on Obama's Afghanistan Plan?

Written by 2008 NEWSWEEK campaign blogger Andrew (Stumper) Romano, Absurdly Premature 2012 Watch is a weekly column that indulges our collective presidential-election fixation...even though the next presidential election is still, ahem, three years away.     In the 36 or so hours since President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to send an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan, there's been no shortage of Republican reactions—especially from Republicans who want to run for president...

Juliet, Naked: Nick Hornby's Neurotic Lists

In a very funny scene in Nick Hornby's new novel, Juliet, Naked, Annie makes a list of novels for a man she's met online. The two have been e-mailing about music, art, and books, having conversations that are part showing off, part giddy excitement over finding someone who feels the same way you do about art and culture.

'Stand With Jenny' Petition

Amid the heartbreaking turmoil of her personal life, South Carolinians appear more enamored than ever of their first lady, Jenny Sanford. As Newsweek's Kathy Deveny noted, Mrs.

President Obama Gets to Keep His Blackberry

It could go down as Barack Obama's first presidential triumph. After a fierce negotiation with his handlers, Obama announced that he'd be able to keep his beloved BlackBerry—making him the nation's first e-mailing president. "I won the fight," he crowed to reporters.

The Final Days

Obama was leading in the polls, even in red states like Virginia. But McCain almost seemed to glory in being the underdog.

The Filter: Oct. 10, 2008

A round-up of this morning's must-read stories.MCCAIN IN A BEAR MARKET (George Will, Washington Post) In the closing days of his 10-year quest for the presidency, McCain finds it galling that Barack Obama is winning the first serious campaign he has ever run against a Republican.

The Filter: Oct. 6, 2008

A round-up of this morning's must-read stories.ECONOMIC UNRESTS SHIFTS ELECTORAL BATTLEGROUNDS(Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny, New York Times)The turmoil on Wall Street and the weakening economy are changing the contours of the presidential campaign map, giving new force to Senator Barack Obama's ambitious strategy to make incursions into Republican territory, while leading Senator John McCain to scale back his efforts to capture Democratic states.