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Repression 2.0

Totalitarian states are learning to control citizens by creating the impression of ubiquitous surveillance.

As We Enter the Sixth Year in Iraq

'The Petraeus Generation': Readers were surprised to find out how the reality of war in Iraq didn't mesh with conventional means of overwhelming the enemy with firepower.

Obama Plays the Passive Delegate 'Poaching' Game, Too***

UPDATE, March 27: According to Obama spokesman Bill Burton, the post card in question was mistakenly sent to a Clinton delegate--not, as I previously believed, to the entire list of Texas county delegates, regardless of affiliation. "The Texas Democratic Party gave us a list of delegates that indicated him as an Obama delegate--which is why he got the errant post card," he says. "The suggestion that we have a passive strategy of trying to flip Clinton's pledged delegates by sending one postcard...

McCain vs. The Times

McCain's denial that he had a romantic relationship with a lobbyist was firm, but it invited a game of catch me if you can.

The Incremental Revolutionary

The Clintons' line about Obama is that he's all talk and little action—star of 'the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen,' said Bill. So what's the reality?

Campaign '08: Fund-Raising

As the 2008 presidential campaign moves into high gear, many of the candidates are scrambling to raise money. Can they all go the distance?

The Roots of Fear

The evolutionary primacy of the brain's fear circuitry makes it more powerful than reasoning circuits.

Sexual Assault in the Ranks

The Veterans Administration recently announced the opening of a new treatment facility for female veterans. When it opens in December, the New Jersey facility will be the only residential treatment center in the country exclusively treating women with what's known as MST: military sexual trauma.

Cracking Down on 'Murderabilia'

It's called 'murderabilia'—the buying and selling of items connected to grisly crime scenes. And it's a brisk business online. Inside the campaign to police the murder market.

Hirsh: Wolfowitz's Controversial Companion

Only a few years ago, Shaha Riza was what is known in journalistic parlance as a flack. She was a media relations person, in other words—and a fairly junior one—whose job it was to reach out to reporters like me so that we would write about various World Bank activities.

Fineman: The Return of Tom Daschle

Endorsements. Key staffers. Fundraising lists. Brotherly advice. Former Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle is making his presence felt behind the scenes in Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

From Iraq, U.S. Troops Write Home

In an ongoing series, NEWSWEEK publishes letters and e-mails from fallen U.S. troops in Iraq to loved ones and friends back home. The following are unedited excerpts from correspondence provided by families of the deceased.