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Mark Starr's 2007 Baseball Preview

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry in the American League East will finally tip the other way, but both teams will be there in October. And this year's surprise playoff team is ...

Iraq: U.S. Soldiers' Letters Left Behind

Of the dozens of e-mails Army Sgt. Sean Fennerty wrote home during his three months in Iraq, the most wrenching dispatch reached his parents on Dec 12, 2006. "I write this with the heaviest of hearts," Fennerty typed into a military computer at his base in Baghdad, after attending a memorial service for two members of his airborne brigade killed in a roadside bombing. "They were two of my best friends and that was the squad I moved to, and then moved back from," he wrote.

An Investment You Can't Lick

Ok. you're sitting around dealing with big Financial Questions. Where's the stock market going? Will your 401(k) be fat enough for you to retire on caviar rather than cat food?

Beliefwatch: Bookish

When Julie Sandorf's daughter, Sarah, was 3 years old, she came home from nursery school and declared: "Mommy, I don't want to be a Jewish, I want to be a Christian." These words sent Sandorf, an assimilated Jew with almost no grounding in her own religion, running, aghast, to the first place she could think of: her local bookstore. "I decided at that moment that we were not going to repeat another generation of ignorance and semi-self-loathing," she says.Over the next 17 years, Sandorf...

Environment: Easy to Be Green

You don't have to ditch leather or sell your car to help the environment. We've gathered 10 simple tips for living greener in 2007. Hey, it's a lot easier than losing those 15 pounds.1 Feed The Bees Pesticides, pollution and habitat destruction are taking a toll on the birds and insects that pollinate about 80 percent of the world's food supply (or about one out of every three bites of food we eat), says Rose Getch of the National Gardening Association.

The Prodigal Returns

George Herbert Walker Bush is a proud father; tears easily come to his eyes when he thinks of his children, all of them, and there is gracious deference in his tone when he talks about the son he calls, with emphasis, " The President." He is not given to boasting about or bragging on his family; he still hears his mother's voice warning him to avoid "the Great I Am," but several times over the past few years the 41st president has mentioned to visitors that the 43rd president has read the Bible...

A Thanksgiving Rebellion

The workers' rebellion ignited like a brush fire on Thursday morning. Incensed that some of their colleagues had been fired in recent days, Latino laborers at the Smithfield Packing Company's hog-killing plant in Tar Heel, N.C.

An Evangelical Identity Crisis

It was a cold Halloween in Colorado Springs--The high barely hit 27 degrees--as Dr. James Dobson went about his work last week on the sprawling Focus on the Family campus he built in the shadows of the Rockies.

Looking for a Lifeboat

As President George W. Bush jets across Red State America this weekend, Republican candidates are falling further behind Democratic rivals, according to the new NEWSWEEK poll.

For the Faithful, A Trying Time

In Florida, you drive North to reach the South. The "I-4 Corridor" is a Mason-Dixon Line in reverse. I crossed it the other day headed north out of bland, Disney-fied Orlando on a state road with four numerals--past the BBQ shack with palm trees in the dusty parking lot and the Brazilian "ground fighting" school, past orange groves and cow pastures, to the turnoff for the dog track.

In Rove's Footsteps

In a darkened edit room in downtown Dallas, admaker Scott Howell is tinkering with his latest political firebomb. The ad starts with illegal immigrants running across the border.

Dishing On Asia's Food

Dining is a joy in Singapore. And in Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Hanoi… And yet food criticism in Asia is, relative to the West, still in its formative stages.

Harvard Opts Out

While many educators fretted over Harvard's announcement last week that it was rescinding its Early Admissions policy, Azusa Pacific University stood firm.

Plastic Predicament

Credit-card debt has nearly tripled in the last two decades, leaving many Americans stuck in a sinkhole of fees and penalties. Who's to blame, irresponsible spenders or predatory lenders?


"I am not in any doping process." Tour de France winner Floyd Landis,' denying using any performance-enhancing substances after testing positive for high levels of testosterone."Wow!" Rusty Yates, after his ex-wife, Andrea, was found not guilty by reason of insanity; in 2001, she had drowned the couple's five children.

'Makes No Sense'

Why did the federal government cut the amount of antiterrorism money allocated to New York and Washington? The Department of Homeland Security announcement this week regarding the national distribution of $1.7 billion in grants has left many analysts puzzled—and, in some cases, angry—over what they see as startling anomalies.

Building Success

By the time Jonathan Reckford was 42, he'd crafted a corporate résumé that would inspire envy: he'd earned a Stanford M.B.A. and done stints at Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney and Best Buy.

Minimizing Your Risk

Research groups indicate that identity theft affected more than 9 million Americans last year. But despite those numbers, the revelation this week that the personal information of 26.5 million veterans had been stolen from the home of a Department of Veterans Affairs employee came as a shock.

Why Privacy Won't Matter

A friend takes your picture with her cell phone, and puts the phone back in her purse. But the gadget isn't dormant. It gets to work figuring out who you are, and sends that information, along with your precise location, to an organization that adds the data to a file it keeps on where you go and who you hang out with, as well as other things.

Speak It in Chinese, Hear It in English

Alex Waibel doesn't understand Chinese, but he can read street signs when in Beijing. A team of engineers led by Waibel at Germany's Karlsruhe University has developed a heldheld device called the Sign Translator.

The Good Life

The living room used to represent the showcase for style and comfort in a home. These days, the bathroom is quickly taking its place. New technologies and materials make it easy to linger ever longer.

Drug Raid

You don't hear much about Austrian Nordic skiers in America for two reasons: they're Austrian and they're Nordic skiers. Maybe, possibly, you've read a story about Austrian alpine skier Hermann (the Hermannator) Maier, who bronzed in Monday's Giant Slalom.

Sex and the Single Baby Boomer

More middle-aged people than ever are single, and they're finding the rules have changed. STDs and Internet dates. Aging bodies and kids at home. Who knew?

Remember Me as a Writer, Not a Survivor

My oncologist's nurse found out I was a writer. "You must keep a journal!" she said. "I have nothing to say on this subject. I have no comment .""But it could help other women.""I don't care about them," I said.That was true enough in the first few months after I discovered I had ovarian cancer, but what I didn't say was that writing had long ago lost its glow.

Sex & Love: The New World

More middle-aged people than ever are single, and they're finding the rules have changed. STDs and Internet dates. Aging bodies and kids at home. Who knew?

Money: Give Me A (Tax) Break!

Funny how congress keeps ranting about the need to streamline the income-tax code. Yet whenever legislators hunker down in the back rooms with lobbyists, they make things worse.