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Murder in the Air

Twenty-five years on, a Lockerbie widow recalls the day she lost a husband and her three small children lost a father

You Know the Drill

Taxpayers aren't just giving away their natural resources – they're paying Big Oil to haul them away

Mythos, Dirt, and Blood

Daniel Woodrell's 'The Maid's Version' takes a page from his big-screen success, 'Winter's Bone,' with violence and grief couched in self-preservation and heartbreak.

Shattered Faith

What the fall of Greg Mortenson tells us about America's irrepressible longing for heroes.

Bunga-Bunga Nation: Berlusconi's Italy Hurts Women

It's 8:30 p.m., and all eyes turn to Italy's most popular satirical news program, "Striscia la Notizia" ("Strip the News"). Two middle-aged men stand under a strobe light, one of them holding a belt from which dangles a vaguely phallic string of garlic.

The Rural Poor Shunned by China's Top Schools

Once upon a time, the rural poor were the beating heart of China, welcomed gladly at the nation's top universities. Now almost none of them attend, and with so few opportunities, poor high-school educations, and terrible public health, they're rapidly falling behind.

Don't Wait for a Thank You, Mr. President

The Obama White House is now feeling the effects of an inescapable historical fact: presidents rarely enjoy prolonged popularity in real time. They just do not. In memory we recast reality and choose to think—wrongly—that the leaders we consider great were thought of in such terms in their own eras.

Jihadists Boast of Yet Another Failed Attack

In what appears to be the latest effort by Islamic militants to lower the bar for what constitutes a "successful" terrorist attack, extremists have publicly boasted of an attempted chemical attack on the U.S. Embassy in Paris. In a message posted earlier this week on a jihadist Web site, the previously unknown Abu Dujanah al-Khorasani Brigade claimed responsibility for sending what it described as "chemical letters" to the embassy.

Why Sanctions Won't Hurt the Revolutionary Guards

Thanks to the dwindling traffic of big container ships from Dubai to the Islamic Republic, business is booming for a whole fleet of smugglers—as well as for the group that dominates Iran's black market: the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves

Matt Ridley sets out to prove that now is by far the best of times, and it's only going to keep getting better. Even today's greatest challenges, such as African poverty and climate change, are surmountable because of a remarkable human insight: that specialization and division of labor allow us to constantly improve our lot.