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Why Sanctions Won't Hurt the Revolutionary Guards

Thanks to the dwindling traffic of big container ships from Dubai to the Islamic Republic, business is booming for a whole fleet of smugglers—as well as for the group that dominates Iran's black market: the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves

Matt Ridley sets out to prove that now is by far the best of times, and it's only going to keep getting better. Even today's greatest challenges, such as African poverty and climate change, are surmountable because of a remarkable human insight: that specialization and division of labor allow us to constantly improve our lot.

Eating Disorders Affect People of All Weights

In college—away from her family, overwhelmed by the responsibility of creating her own meals and absorbed in a culture that stresses weight loss and thinness—Marianne Kirby stopped eating. Sure, there was the occasional dinner party with friends, but most days she'd down a bag of chips and a can of soda and figure that was enough.

The Hollowness of 'The Hurt Locker'

It's unfashionable to carp about Hollywood's motives in handing out the Oscar for best picture. Savvy filmgoers are, at this late, cynical date, surely aware of the industry politics afoot, even if we reserve the right to howl privately about the worst offenses.

Blowing Your Freaking Mind: There's an App for That

 The only force equal to the pace of innovation is our ability to become blasé about it. The first time a little box on my rental car's dashboard talked to a geosynchronous satellite and then told me where to turn left, I was amazed.

Is 'Emotional Intelligence' Real?

As we noted in NurtureShock, emotional intelligence is having a family feud. The field is commonly described as having its commercial wing and its academic wing; on the commercial side is bestselling author Daniel Goleman, and on the academic side are scholars like the Yale dean Peter Salovey, whose team conceptualized one of the first theoretical models of emotional intelligence.

Letters: What to Read Now

What to Read Now I really enjoyed your article about 50 books that "make sense of our times." I love reading—I have been given a treasure chest of material.

Healthy Competition Advances the Field of Biology

About 10 years ago, biology entered betting season. An upstart scientist named J. Craig Venter jolted the genetics establishment by launching his own gene-sequencing outfit, funded by commercial investment, and setting off toward biology's holy grail—the human genome—on his own.

Look Kids! It's Big Ben... and Parliament!

Your Gaggler has officially arrived in London, the first stop of President Obama's weeklong trip overseas. We planned on marking this moment by linking to "London Calling" by The Clash, one of the best punk songs ever, but alas, there's some nasty copyright dispute going on over here in the U.K.

Perlstein on Populism: Our American Common Sense

Our pundits worry that a populist rage is loose in the land—pitchforks everywhere! My first reaction upon hearing that was to dismiss the word "populist" as a distraction, an epithet meant to recall episodes in which mass rage made sound policy deliberation impossible.