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The Return of the Caudillo

A crowd of several thousand gathered in the city of Chiclayo last month to greet the man who could very well become Peru's next president. The compact candidate Ollanta Humala and his equally diminutive 29-year-old wife, Nadine, arrived dressed in bright red T shirts stamped with white letters that read amor por el peru [love for peru], and the patriotic theme was reinforced onstage by a dozen huge cooking pots known as ollas painted in the red and white stripes of the national flag.


Readers praised our Oct. 24 cover story on the widespread trade in fakes that threatens the global economy. "A great job," cheered one, "keep up the good work." Echoed another, "You made some interesting and overdue points." A third disagreed vehemently with legalizing soft drugs.As the author of a book about the international business in fakes, I thought your cover story on the global trade in smuggling made some important and overdue points about the ease with which smugglers work today...


Early one Sunday morning last month, the residents of Jiutepec, Mexico, were rocked from their slumber by the ongoing siege against capitalist democracy in Latin America.

Bush's Quiet Multilateralism

inistration has a secret multilateral side. Did you know that it routinely allows an international organization to make crucial decisions affecting the lives of all Americans?


ESPIONAGEListen Up, EveryoneThere was outrage at the United Nations last week when a former member of Tony Blair's cabinet claimed that British intelligence had conducted electronic surveillance on Secretary-General Kofi Annan in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

Globalization: Going Strong

Who has integrated best into the global economy? The A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index report for 2000 amounts to a sort of quiz on interaction with the world, with points awarded for global engagement in technology, politics, personal contact and economics.

A Silicon Republic

Federico Fernandez awakens every morning at 6 to get to his dream job on time. He climbs into his battered '88 Toyota and drives past the bread and machinery factories that surround the land he shares with the rest of his extended family in San Jose, Costa Rica.