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En Español: Alcaldesa Yulín Cruz Habla Con Newsweek

En entrevista con Newsweek, la alcaldesa de San Juan aborda su futuro político y lo que le depara a la isla después de la catástrofe, a la vez que comparte sus opiniones sobre el Presidente Donald Trump y los esfuerzos de la Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencias (FEMA) en Puerto Rico.

Ruchir Sharma: Why Brazil is Not a BRIC

Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva says this is his country's "momento mágico." Well, he has some reason for feeling so chuffed. Inflation has collapsed, foreign capital is gushing in and consumer confidence is running high.The buzzword in São Paulo's business community is "stability," which is a huge achievement for a country where boom-bust cycles had become a way of life. Economic forecasters have never felt so certain in predicting Brazil's outlook. They all think the country...

Stuck In The Middle

THE WHITNEY MUSEUM'S BIENNIAL exhibition of contemporary American art has turned into a peculiar mating dance with the critics. The museum fluffs its feathers and protests its being pecked to death for bringing the public up to speed on current art. The critics cluck that they're honor-bound to expose the Whitney's shallow trendiness. But the museum should hug the critics. The Biennial is always boffo at the box office, and it's the flap that brings people through the doors. (Ninety-eight...