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Inside the CIA's Top Secret Otter Dossier

"A Dossier on Lutra (The Otter)," a newly disclosed file from the CIA's illegal mind control experiments, Project MKUltra, may have been used to raise and train animal spies and bombers.

What is Frazzledrip?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's congressional testimony this week included a question about the bizarre conspiracy theory "Frazzledrip."

Why Is Baltimore Suing Donald Trump?

"This effort by the Trump Administration to create additional obstacles to those seeking to live in Baltimore is an affront to the ideals and principles on which this nation was founded," Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh said.

Meet America's Favorite Cop

Officer Tommy Norman is Instagram's most famous police officer. Followers can find Norman engaging with the community and donating time and resources through his Mission Give Foundation.