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Scurvy Is a Constant Threat in 'The Terror'

Though the Franklin Expedition sailors depicted in the new AMC show \"The Terror\" are killed by a monster, their greatest fear was scurvy, consumption and the many diseases that could plague the crews of Terror and Erebus.

Could Polio Soon Be Eradicated?

The lessons infectious disease preparedness and response researchers are learning in Pakistan, during what\'s hopefully a final push against polio, will also apply elsewhere, as public health experts work to wipe out other infectious diseases around the world.

Can Trump Broker Israel-Palestinian Peace?

For decades, U.S. presidents have been unable to broker a long-term settlement between Israel and Palestine. Deal-maker Donald Trump would like to accomplish what his predecessors could not in this area, and administration officials say the plan will be unveiled soon.

Finding Your Zen Zone

Group meditation class instructor Jane Mcquade offers direction for clearing your mind to make way for exploring inner peace.