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Beyond Deep Throat

Revealed for the first time: the many sources used by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to bring down all the president's men

Voodoo 2.0

Nine years after Hurricane Katrina, the Caribbean religion is rebounding in New Orleans but is still misunderstood

Family Dogsledding Trips for All Budgets

I knew that competitive dogsledding is not a leisurely weekend activity for the family, but I did not expect the white-knuckle adrenaline, the split-second decision making, or the bruising series of high-speed wipeouts.

The Obama Veepwatch, Vol. 9: Evan Bayh

In which Stumper examines the Democratic nominee's possible--and not-so-possible--vice-presidential picks. (Previous McCain installments: Bobby Jindal; Mitt Romney; Charlie Crist; Tim Pawlenty; Rob Portman; Joe Lieberman; Tom Ridge.

Mideast: Gulf Boom Is Changing the Region

We all know the headlines by now: the Middle East is burning, right? So it seems, as Palestinians and Iraqis wage civil war, Lebanon seethes, Syria and Israel trade barbs and Iran spits defiance.

Stuck in the Hot Zone

Maj. Micah Morgan fondly pats the nose of his Predator drone, much as a cavalry officer of old might have stroked the muzzle of his prized horse. "This is the future of the Air Force," says Morgan, a former B-1 bomber pilot.


Not so long ago Jean-Marie Messier and Bernard Arnault seemed to have much in common. Both CEOs were using buoyant stock prices to buy out rivals and expand their French empires worldwide.

The Last Word: Eric Schlosser

In his first book, "Fast Food Nation," American author Eric Schlosser crafted an ebullient indictment of the U.S. fast-food industry, arguing that the aggressive marketing of fatty foods has made Americans corpulent and prone to health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

Bush Has Saddam In His Sights

Sound farfetched? Finding the right man who can topple Saddam Hussein without plunging Iraq into civil war, and who can simultaneously please Washington and the anti-American Arab masses, is a tall order.

The Road To September 11

It was a long time coming. For a decade, America's been fighting a losing secret war against terror. A NEWSWEEK investigation into the missed clues and missteps in a manhunt that is far from over.


How badly did the U.S. government bungle the investigation of Wen Ho Lee, the ex-Los Alamos scientist once suspected of turning over the country's most prized nuclear secrets to China?

The Other Bubble

This is the story of the other Internet bubble. Not the dot-com crash, but the potentially more devastating collapse of the race to roll out third-generation, or 3G, mobile phones in Europe.

How Safe Is Your Job?

Pink Slips Are Suddenly Flying Again, As Employers Show A New Willingness To Cast Off Workers At The First Hint Of Trouble. Why This Wave Of Layoffs Is Different, And What Workers Can Do To Prepare For The Worst.

Pumping Iron, Digging Gold, Pressing Flesh

It was April 1998, and George W. Bush was still not sure he was running for president. The old family loyalists and party elders were already talking about a restoration, and they were eager for an audience with the man who could deliver the country from eight years of Clintonism.

The Donald Goes West

Donald and Gary are a pretty unlikely couple. That's Donald as in Trump, the brassy financier famous for attracting arm candy and repelling investors. And lest we start a tabloid rumor-fest, that's Gary as in Indiana, a rough steel town--possibly the least glitzy place on the planet.

Clinton And The Intern

OVER THE PHONE, THE TWO women are talking about sex and its consequences. Night after night, for months on end, they have talked of little else. One of the women, the younger one, sounds like a neurotic, slightly spoiled Valley Girl.

Where You Can Turn

AVID "TELE-PARENTS" WILL TELL YOU THAT THERE'S nothing like a phone jack and 16 megabytes of RAM for navigating the mysteries, hurdles and hassles of life with an infant or toddler.

Clinton's Growing Pains

The power and the glory of the Age of Bill were streaming into the East Room. There, Thomas (Mack) McLarty, the White House chief of staff, had assembled everyone for a pep talk.