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Can Clinton Do A Nixon?

IT MAY BE THAT SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE ARE TO Bill Clinton what China was to Richard Nixon: a chance to make a policy reversal that will be blessed by history.

The Microsoft Century

If you think the world's biggest software company is powerful now, you haven't seen anything yet. Bill Gates and his legions of overachievers are headed for your house, your car and your wallet.

Managing Diversity

THE ALARM WENT OFF in the late 1980s, when demographers alerted corporations that by the year 2000 white males would make up only 45 percent of America's workforce.

Doped To Perfection

FROM THE bleachers it may look like pure glory. But from the athlete's perspective, qualifying for the Olympic Games resembles nothing so much as a prison drug raid. ""It's tremendously embarrassing,'' says U.S. national-team oarsman Ty Bennion. ""You've just given the performance of your life.

Second-Term Fantasies

GEORGE WASHINGTON'S SECOND term was not a roaring success. His most trusted advisers -- Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton -- bickered constantly, and quit in disgust.

Fido Says: Walk Me Out To The Ball Game

MAJOR-LEAGUE MARKETING mavens are working overtime these days. With opening day a week away, and last summer's strike still fresh in fans' minds, ballparks--especially Chicago's Comiskey--are churning out promotional gimmicks faster than you can say "I'd rather be at a Bulls game." To promote the White Sox, whose attendance was down 25 percent last year, the team has conjured up "wacky weeknight" theme nights.

The Vices Of Our Virtues

I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN; MOST OF US ARE. OUR patriotism is fierce, if often quiet. A recent Gallup poll asked respondents in 16 countries whether they would like to live elsewhere.

Back In The Game

The world's most famous HIV patient has lost a step and gained 27 pounds, but he's as joyous as ever. Magic Johnson isn't waiting for a cure, he's too busy living.

The Cultural Commissars

Back when the Soviet Union was in its terminal stages, Roald Sagdeev, one of its most distinguished scientists who had come to live in this country, told me a story about a return visit he had made to his homeland.

Do You, Tom, Take Harry. . .

Ninia Baehr has concocted elaborate plans for the wedding of her dreams. Why not? She's 35 and "crazy in love." She will rent a fabulous estate outside Honolulu and string lights in the trees.

Three Cheers For Schools?

Are public schools better than they seem? I hope so, because we have two children in the local elementary school. But as a reporter and parent, the question baffles me.

So Much Tv, So Little Time

The Old TV Gripe Was, There's Nothing On. Of Course, Most of the people who said that were logging 187 hours of TV time a week: they just wouldn't admit it.

Children Of The Corn

Don't make the mistake of offering Jaclyn Stewart, 15, a pork chop. Or, for that matter, a hamburger. The New Jersey teen became a vegetarian 15 months ago.

Affirmative Action As Theater

The essence of clinton-speak is that the President is often saying the opposite of what he, is doing. On affirmative action, he deplores those who "play politics with the issue . . .

Our Great Economics Lesson

The avid pursuit of total security is an illusion As a society, we are now completing a basic economics course that has lasted about three decades. During that time.

The $16 Million Man

for the Pepsi party at Universal Studios Florida in a mad dash, nearly trampling Woody Woodpecker in the process. just as quickly he shifts from kid to corporate mode and begins posing for pictures with Pepsi managers, his incandescent smile on autopilot.


It's difficult to tell just when the information revolution started spinning out of control. Maybe it was when we learned that the Intel Corp.'s popular Pentium microprocessor had a problem performing long division.

Quality Not Quantity

A chilly November wind sweeps coal dust down east Beijing's Xiyangguan Lane, depositing soot at the steps of the Wisdom Center School. Inside, 130 students, some with IQs as low as 20, struggle with the rudiments of self-sufficiency.

Bringing Back Baby

FIVE-YEAR-OLD SYDNEY ZELINKA ALready puts a baby brother into her drawings of her family. Sydney's parents have already furnished his nursery in their house in Newton, Mass.

Radical Chic

A spate of new projects aims to do for the Black Panthers what Spike Lee did for Malcolm X. ""It's amazing that people in their late teens haven't heard of the Panthers,'' says Gary Phillips, who recently ran a conference on the radical group in South-Central L.A.

Get In The Mood

ITS POPULATION IS ABOUND 8,500. IT has private nooks and corners as well as very public gathering spots. Though small by any demographer's standards, this place has seen more than its share of civic crises.

Megamergers--Now And Forever

The Economist of London recently announced that U.S. corporations have embarked on yet another merger wave. Well, not exactly. True, megamergers are on the rise.

Smaller, Softer, Simpler--Please

This is how Washington should work," the president said in his last radio address before shuffling off to his Martha's Vineyard vacation. He wasn't talking about Congress leaving town, although recent polls suggest the public wouldn't mind a very extended leave.

Of Mice And Men

What is the Walt Disney Co. but a dream machine, a teller and seller of fairy tales? And at the heart of every Disney saga are some of life's most basic themes: friendship, family and the struggle for independence.

Rethinking Your Mainframe

YOU'VE HEARD THE RAP. PCs CAN DO this. Mainframes can't do that. PCs are cool and creative. Mainframes are plodding, ponderous and dull. PCs will make mainframes obsolete, dinosaurs of the Technologic Era.

Learning To Live Without Jessi

BABY JESSICA IS VERY MUCH ALIVE, but when Jan and Robby DeBoer watched her carried out' of their lives last summer, they endured a death, Death demands mourning.

A Deal For Tonya

TONYA HARDING SEEMED TO BE getting most everything she wanted out of life without even having to skate for it. If she wanted fame, she had more than most ordinary Olympic champions could hope for, including a permanent escort of photographers to record her wild barefoot dash to the curb to rescue her pickup from a tow truck.

The War--To Cash In

SAIGON HASN'T SEEN SUCH AN UProar since it fell to the Communists Sin 1975. Now it was the capitalists' turn. PepsiCo's invasion began early last week, when the company flew in enough bottles and concentrate to produce 1,500 cases of cola; its local partner, International Beverages Co., supplied the plant, trucks and salespeople.

Seasick In A Rising Tide

ON THE AFTERNOON THE CHINESE SET OFF THEIR recent nuclear device, I met a not-very-high-ranking official in Beijing who had just returned after several years overseas. "I can't believe it.

Mickey Mouse's Good Inflation News

We have good news from Mickey Mouse on inflation. Just recently, the Walt Disney Co. was one of two major firms (Coca-Cola Co. was the other) to sell 100-year bonds.