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Mail Call: Challenges Abound

Readers enumerated the challenges awaiting Barack Obama. These run the gamut "from bolstering a battered economy to combating worldwide terrorism," as one put it. And while the United States needs to move forward to "earn back its lost reputation," another described Obama's election as "one of its finest hours."

Letters to the Editor: America's Economy

Readers of our June 16 cover package on recession endorsed Fareed Zakaria's views. One echoed, "Improving the economy involves some short-term pain." Another said, "We Americans waste more than the rest of the world." A third wrote, "We are all consumers, mere units who go out and buy stuff."

The Filter: April 29, 2008

A round-up of this morning's must-read stories. DEAR SENATOR OBAMA...(Karl Rove, Newsweek)Four months ago, you took the political world by storm in Iowa. The media were agog.

Mail Call: Pakistan's Problem

Readers of our Jan. 21 cover story on Pervez Musharraf's future unanimously blamed him for all of Pakistan's problems. "He destroyed national institutions so he can stay in power," said one. "Discontent is spreading," wrote another.

Technology: Will Japan Buy the iPhone?

The Japanese mobile industry is on Apple alert. This is the year CEO Steve Jobs said Apple would launch the iPhone in Asia. So far, Apple isn't saying when the introduction will come to Japan.

Where's the Respect?

GIs who risked their lives in Iraq want to know why only two Medals of Honor have been awarded there.

Musharraf's Last Stand

By clinging to power, the president is making Pakistan fight the wrong battle—against him, rather than the extremists destabilizing the nuclear-armed nation.

Cars: Where's the Perfect Part?

In the past, finding the perfect part for a classic-car restoration meant joining enthusiast clubs, hanging around swap meets and pawing through junkyards. How the Web has revolutionized the hunt.