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Q&A: Richard Rogers on Winning the Pritzker Prize

Richard Rogers, 73, who just won this year's prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, first seized the international spotlight in 1971 when he and Renzo Piano beat out 680 entries with their outrageous design for the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Mean Greeks: DePauw's Sorority Scandal

With membership declining, and the sorority acquiring a campus rep for being more brainy than beautiful, the national officers of Delta Zeta embarked on a fall recruiting effort for their DePauw University chapter in Greencastle, Ind.

ROAD TEST | 2006 9-7X

Saab owners like their cars quirky, with a center-console-mounted ignition, acrobatic flipping cup holders and a gnome shape. So what happens if General Motors, owner of Saab, decides to morph the car into a big, honkin' SUV?


For foodies, stainless-steel knives have lost their edge. Today's urbane cutlery is made of industrial-strength ceramics. The advantage: the material is stronger than steel, stays sharp up to 10 times longer and won't turn fruits and vegetables brown.

The Mcmansion Next Door

Design is everywhere, right? Your toothbrush, your running shoes, your cool-looking couch, your latte machine, your laptop. OK, no one would mistake Indiana for Italy, but you can finally buy good design almost anywhere, from the mall to the Internet.

The Woman Who Kept Him Going

Nancy Reagan's determination to keep her husband well fed, well rested, and undistracted by any hint of family problems (of which there are plenty) has profoundly indebted him to her.


""We'll give you lawyers; you could give us engineers.'' President Clinton, in response to Chinese President Jiang Zemin's statement that China has only 115,000 lawyers""I have apologized to the England players and management, and I want every England supporter to know how deeply sorry I am.'' England World Cup midfielderDavid Beckham(and Spice Girl fiance), after being sent off the field in an elimination match against Argentina""It's a feeling that's like the day I got married, the day...

A Place In The Sun

IF YOU'VE DRIVEN UP THE 405 through the Sepulveda pass in Los Angeles in recent years, you've seen the Getty Center taking shape. High on a hill above the whizzing traffic, battalions of giant cranes were silhouetted against the brilliant California sky.

Our National Dessert

THE NIGHT THEY invented champagne, they probably weren't prospecting for a new Jell-O flavor. But this week Sparkling White Grape gelatin, "The Champagne of Jell-O," will be uncorked at a New York celebration in honor of the 100th anniversary of Jell-O.

America, America

It's a very select group, the roster of American artists who rate an entire museum. Frederic Remington, Andrew Wyeth, Andy Warhol, a couple of Western regionalists ...

1991, Wielding A Blackjack

By a circuitous route but with wonderful precision, 1991 taught an old truth: Life is indeed a series of dark corners around which Fate lurks, wielding a blackjack.