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Ginger Baker Hates You

The legendary drummer is touring (briefly), promoting a documentary (curtly) and making everyone around him miserable

The Danish Island of Laesoe Was Built on Salt

Denmark's first industry, salt, brought boom times to this island until residents used up all the firewood to produce it a couple of centuries ago. Now the trees are back, salt is flowing and visitors flock to the isle for pure pleasure.

The Filter: Sept. 19, 2008

A round-up of this morning's must-read stories.WHY IT'S GETTING MEANPeggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal: Here is the tough, sad, rather deadly assumption I see rising among our media people, our thinkers, observers and chatterers, the highly sophisticated who've seen'em come and seen'em go: It is, again: What if neither of them is the right man?

The Filter: July 21, 2008

A round-up of this morning's must-read stories.THE AMAZINGLY SUPERFICIAL RACE(Noam Scheiber, New Republic)This past week has brought endless chatter about all the potential pitfalls and opportunities Obama faces.

Why WWII Videogames Are Hot

In a virtual world of fantasy and science fiction, realistic videogames set in World War II are ever popular. But is this a good way to learn history?

Cigarette Diaries: Excerpts From a WWII Journal

On Sept. 13, 1944, the B-24 with bombardier Second Lt. Frank J. Pratt was shot down by the Germans over Poland. These are excerpts from the diaries he kept in captivity—many of which were written on the backs of paper wrappers from cigarette packs.

Hormone Redux

 In the interest of collegiality, we're not going to name names, but what is it with journalists and hormones?No, I mean the kind that women take to relieve symptoms of menopause and that they were not-so-long-ago told to take to prevent heart disease.