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A Post-Car Society

A gadget-crazy people show no interest in new cars, dismiss the four-wheeled horse as 'so 20th century.'


Summer car rentals are getting pricey, thanks to rate increases from Avis, Hertz and many other companies. The average mid-size rental will cost $38.95 a day for the Fourth of July weekend, reports the American Automobile Association; that's up from last year's $34.53.

Credit Cards: Dented A Rental?

For years I've used my American Express Corporate Card whenever I've rented a car. After hearing all those AmEx ads ("Membership has its privileges"), I assumed it'd give me the best insurance coverage if I ever banged up a rental.

Trying To Outfox Uncle Sam

Jamie and Christina Lancaster were perfectly happy with their accountant. Then the couple, both Virginia Beach real-estate agents, attended a seminar by Sanford Botkin, president of the Tax Reduction Institute.

Pumping Iron, Digging Gold, Pressing Flesh

It was April 1998, and George W. Bush was still not sure he was running for president. The old family loyalists and party elders were already talking about a restoration, and they were eager for an audience with the man who could deliver the country from eight years of Clintonism.

Get Ready To Take A Back Seat To A Circuit Board

At the 1939 World's Fair in New York, a short film called "To New Horizons" told viewers that the future would arrive by 1960. With it would come high-rise cities, electricity in rural areas and the extinction of road congestion and traffic accidents.