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France Goes Against U.S. on Iran Less Than 24 Hours After Nuke Summit Ends

Only 24 hours after an Obama-led summit won solemn pledges from world leaders to crack down on proliferation of loose nuclear material and know-how, prosecutors in France signaled that they were backing away from supporting a U.S. attempt to extradite an Iranian businessman accused of acting as a clandestine purchasing agent for Iran's nuclear and missile programs.

In Washington, D.C., a Vet Refuses Iraq Service

Late last week a U.S. Army soldier stood in the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building and announced during a press conference that he's now refusing orders for deployment to Iraq.  Sergeant Matthis Chiroux, who served as a military photojournalist, gave his statement soon after a number of anti-war veterans testified before Congress -- the first time such veterans have done so.  AFP gave this account of the hearing: Former army sergeant Kristofer Goldsmith told the landmark hearing of...


A lot of today's engineers got their start as kids playing with electronics kits, wiring together resistors or capacitors. Depending on how you put the pieces together, you could build a simple switch or make bulbs blink like a movie marquee.Scientists are now starting to tinker in a similar way with a new sort of circuitry.

Three Magic Wands

As a teenager, his biographers tell us, Henry Ford loved to fix pocket watches. He would open up the backs and poke around inside that marvelous universe of balance wheels, springs, gears and ratchets, then put them all together again to witness the miracle of their motion synchronized to the spinning of the Earth itself.

America's Edge

The St. Louis Screw & Bolt Co. is not an industrial showcase. It uses no advanced materials, no computer-controlled machine tools, no automated warehouse.