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Condi's Freedom War

In Newsweek, Condoleezza Rice shares exclusive excerpts from her new memoir, including details of a secret Mideast peace deal, how she felt during Hurricane Katrina and more.

Condi's Quick Takes

Condoleezza Rice's memoir, 'No Higher Honor' touches on her relationships with Rumsfeld, Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy

Redemption Games

For Gazans who want to escape the territory's political tensions, there are few boltholes. And video games aren't always the answer.

Clipping Rove's Wings

As expected, Scott McClellan is quitting his job as the human pinata of the press room. Not so expected is new Chief of Staff Josh Bolten's decision to clip the wings of George Bush's political alter-ego of 33 years, Karl Rove.In the snakepit of the White House—any White House—power is a zero sum game.

Enough of the Waiting Game

The Iowa caucuses are currently scheduled for Jan. 21 a little more than two years from now, and the New Hampshire primary rolls around soon after.Who cares?The date of the next presidential election is Nov. 4, 2008.So what?The leadership vacuum is here now.


U.S. AFFAIRSWeary Old WarriorDuring the war in Afghanistan, President George W. Bush nicknamed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld "Matinee Idol." Women of a certain age swooned over Rummy's wartime, tough-guy insouciance.


Karl Rove cultivated an air of mystery, rarely appearing on TV talk shows or giving on-the-record interviews. He wasn't all that elusive--he sent e-mails by the score from his ubiquitous BlackBerry.

Conventional Wisdom

Who says baseball is dying? Best playoff rounds in years give Fox a ratings boost. Prepare for World Series letdown. C.W. Bush = Gets his $87 billion but even GOP senators put off by the "my way or the highway" attitude.

The 12 Year Itch

Dick Cheney likes to read history, especially military history. He disappears into his well-stocked library at the vice president's mansion for hours at a time, reading about Churchill and World War II or other war leaders in other crises down through the ages.

Chemistry In The War Cabinet

Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld had been reading, with mounting irritation, newspaper articles pitting him against Secretary of State Colin Powell. Sitting on the dais during an international conference last summer, Rumsfeld listened to a reporter probing for substantive differences between the president's top foreign-policy advisers and thought to himself, "Oh, here we go." Rumsfeld braced the reporter: "Are you trying to find some daylight between Colin and me?" Another newsperson...

Monica's Dark Odyssey

Monica seles giggles a little when she talks. She always has, just a little hiccup that bubbles up through her stream of-consciousness conversation, whether she is talking about serious matters or youthful piffle.

The Gambling Man

Leave it to the psychologists to determine whether Michael Jordan is a compulsive gambler. Suffice it to say he is a frequent and ardent one. At practice he'll wager on trick shots or play H-0-R-S-E for cash.