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Mourning All The Way To No. 1

IF YOU FELT BAD ABOUT THE DEATH OF Princess Diana, take heart. Soon you'll have the chance to feel really, really good. On Sept. 23 Elton John releases ""Candle in the Wind 1997,'' his freshly minted recording of the song he performed at her funeral on Sept. 6.

Making The Grade

IT WAS A ROOKIE ERROR. AFTER 10 YEARS I SHOULD HAVE known better, but I went to my office the day after final grades were posted. There was a tentative knock on the door. ""Professor Wiesenfeld?

He Did It His Way

FRANK SINATRA IS AN OLD MAN, and in recent years he's taken to doing the things old men do. He forgets the words to favorite songs, and he seems to drink more than is good for him.

Battleground Chicago

The Germans and the Irish came first. Then the Italians and the Poles. White ethnics were Chicago, really. They walked the beat, collected the trash, built the city.

'An Element Of Guile'

IT MUST DRIVE HENRY KISSINGER CRAZY to be sitting on the sidelines while the post-cold-war world realigns itself An opportunity like this hasn't come along since the Congress of Vienna in 1814, when Austrian Prince Klemens von Metternich and his colleagues established a finely balanced European order that averted all-out war for a century.

Exit Laughing

As the host of NBC's "Late Night," David Letterman usually poses the questions, but last Wednesday guest Steve Martin turned the tables. "Can I ask you a question?" he began, innocently enough. "When you drive to work, does NBC pay or do you have to drive yourself?" Letterman, uneasy, deadpanned: "It's something that perhaps could be negotiated." Then Martin asked to try out the host's chair and eased into it. "The reason I'm asking is, I happen to be friendly with NBC," he said.

Robert Kennedy Shot, Killed in Los Angeles

With sickening familiarity there was the same fell scene all over again—the crack of the gun, the crumpling body, the screams, the kaleidoscopic pandemonium, a voice that cried, "Get a doctor!