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Heart of the Country

By channeling two of America's great populist poets, Whitman and Springsteen, the novelist Richard Ford finds beauty and mystery everywhere—even New Jersey.

The Good Life

Forget sailing around the world in 80 days. Try 126. That's how long Silversea's first luxury circle-around-the-earth cruise takes. And it is not the only new marathon cruise out there; for 2007, luxury liners are offering up an assortment of lengthy new itineraries with shore excursions in plenty of remote as well as urbane locales. "There is a new market out there," says Joe Proto, SilverseaCruises' director of world cruise and business development, citing a mix of empty nesters and...

Travel: A Floating Grad School

It's the super-star of the British travel industry, staffed with the likes of Oxford dons, Cambridge professors, curators of the Victoria and Albert Museum and eminent cleric-historians of the Anglican Church.

Cruises: When Smaller Is Better

When Margie Hollely decided to surprise her husband, John, with a cruise for his 60th birthday this past May, she was sure of one thing: it wouldn't be on a typical floating behemoth. "Two thousand people crammed on a boat just isn't my scene," says Hollely, a native of South Africa currently living in the Netherlands.Instead, Margie chose a voyage up the Amazon on International Expeditions' La Amatista, a small, turn-of-the-century riverboat.

Lost On The Information Highway

I admit to being baffled by the "information superhighway." We are all (it seems) about to be swept into a new world of interactive, multimedia services that will arrive over the superhighway and, somehow, revolutionize our lives.