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To Live and Die in Gitmo

The military brass says three detainees simultaneously killed themselves. A decorated soldier who saw what he wasn\'t supposed to see believes it was something much, much worse.

'You Ready to Step Up?'

The deadly drug war in Long Island\'s Hempstead ghetto is a harrowing example of free-market, laissez-faire capitalism, with a heavy dose of TEC-9s

Death on the Farm

American farmers are a dying breed, in part because they\'re killing themselves at a shocking rate.

A Child Has Been Killed

In the Syrian village of Khan Assobl, the regime aims its shells at civilians, hardening hearts—one casualty at a time.

Can Morgan Tsvangirai Save Zimbabwe?

High on the sixth floor of a drab building in downtown Harare sits Morgan Tsvangirai. Dim and barren, his office is a far cry from the digs most prime ministers enjoy. But Tsvangirai is far from most prime ministers. If he needs any reminder of this, there, on his otherwise bare office wall, hangs an elegantly framed portrait of Robert Mugabe: the dictator Tsvangirai has tried to overthrow for more than a decade and with whom he now shares power. Tsvangirai isn't intimidated by the gaze of his...