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192 Million Head to Vote in Indonesia Elections

Following a bitter six-month campaign, over 800,000 polling stations opened across the sprawling nation today as over 192 million registered Indonesian voters across 17,000 islands gear up to cast their ballots.

California Genocide

What happened to California Native Americans in the mid-19th century was not all that different from what happened to Jews, Armenians or Rwandans.

You Say 2012 Was Bad?

More trouble than ever is brewing, not only in Afghanistan but across the border in Pakistan too. Even the Taliban are worried.

Che Casino!

Amid institutional failure and economic stagnation, a once-proud Italy finds itself almost prostrate.

Those Notorious Late-Night Infomercials

Extended ads that pop up in the wee hours have a fun, camp value. Some offer what appear to be panaceas for life's important challenges, like molding Hercules-like biceps. Others offer solutions to problems you may not have even known you had. We offer some of the more notorious ones.

Letters: March 22, 2010

'When China Rules the World'The evolving nation is still learning, picking up a bit of everything (albeit at lightning speed). Give it another 10 years—it will morph into a true global giant.Boon Tee Tan, SingaporeAs an elderly Chinese in my late 60s, I read your article with mixed feelings.