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An End to Affirmative Action?

In a renewed push for total meritocracy in college admissions, affirmative action could join legacy admissions in going by the wayside.

Jesse Eisenberg on Greed in 'The Hummingbird Project'

"I like the idea [the film] has of considering the effect you're having on other people and the world, because these characters don't really stop to think about the effect they have on the environment, on other people or themselves," the actor told Newsweek.

Explore 12 Undiscovered, Romantic Small Towns in Italy

Frances Mayes has spent years traveling through Italy and writing about it in her best-selling books like Under the Tuscan Sun. Her latest book, See You in the Piazza: New Places to Discover, is a travelogue about all the undiscovered and overlooked gems in Italy. She tells us the top 12 here.