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Will Obama End the War on Terror?

'Zero Dark Thirty' spotlights America's finest hour in the battle against al Qaeda. But can Obama finish the forever war? The debate over drones—and getting out alive.

The Science of Scratching

Scientists are using state-of-the-art technology to look at what happens in the brain when a person scratches an itch. There's more going on than you might think.

Book Excerpt: 'Limitations' by Scott Turow

"May it please the court," booms Jordan Sapperstein from the podium. "This case must be reversed. Your Honors have no choice."Seated behind the elevated walnut bench a dozen feet away, Judge George Mason suppresses an impulsive wince at Sapperstein's excesses.

The Pets We Love--And Drug

Fluffy is getting old. Going on 13, she's geriatric for a Rottweiler. And like many people past retirement age, she takes a lot of pills—steroids for her bad hips and pinched nerve, a chewable tablet for her underactive thyroid, even Benadryl for her allergies.


Can Early Warnings Help Treat Autism?Parents of children with autism and experts in the field responded en masse to our Feb. 28 story. One mother wrote poignantly of the "autistic fog" enveloping her son, while another related how her child "is my greatest joy as well as my most devastating heartbreak." Many pointed to possible chemical, environmental and genetic factors, and cited a variety of therapies that have helped them.


Our Aug. 23 story on racism evoked bitter resistance. "Oriana Fallaci's a rare voice of truth," wrote one. Complained another, "Muslims identify with Islam and their old country, not with their new homeland."Racism in Europe?In your Aug. 23 article "Racism's Rising Tide," Christopher Dickey admits that Italian fears about terrorists are "not without cause." Still, when courageous Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci describes Europe's self-inflicted destruction via its foolhardy immigration...