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Pompoms, cheer-leaders, tailgating and oversize Styrofoam hands--yes, college-football season is already upon us. Before the first game kicks off next Saturday, diehard fans--or anyone who finds their antics entertaining, for that matter--should peruse Warren St.

Entertainment: Scalping Scams

It's a familiar scene: scalpers prowl outside a sold-out show, shouting, "Tickets!" Buyers beware, and not just because scalping can be illegal. New technology used on 70 percent of the tickets sold by Ticketmaster has made it impossible to tell if a scalped ticket is valid.

Thanks, Miss America

NOT EVERY MUSICAL inspires its own Pez dispenser, but then there aren't many shows like Jekyll & Hyde. During its 34-city pre-Broadway tour, Hyde used to slash the throat of a prostitute named Lucy and snap her head back, gushing fake blood onto her frilly white smock.