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Health: Less Power To You

Long before web phones became the Yuppie gadget du jour, there was the power toothbrush. Tricked out with rotating bristles, it fast became a 1980s must-have, then invaded the low-cost market three years ago in the form of the $5.99 Crest SpinBrush.

The Perils Of Brushing

All of us have seen lots of them, those words of warning or instruction that appear on products we buy. "Do not eat this sled." "For best results do not apply this floor wax to your teeth." "This antifreeze is not intended for pouring on breakfast cereal." We hardly notice them, let alone consider what they say about the times in which we live.


WHEN THE TITANIC plunged to the ocean floor in 1912, it became an underwater time capsule, a snapshot of life in the early 20th century. Salvagers who recovered the riches aboard the wreck 75 years later were struck by the absence of one material: plastic.