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Obit: Admiral Bill Crowe

Admiral William J. (Bill) Crowe Jr. was the kind of smart political military leader that is rare in Washington these days.

Hot On the Pole

Time was when the polar bears looked like the best hope for Churchill, Manitoba. The tiny settlement (population: 1,000) in northern Canada had seen the closure of a nearby military base, and its port was in decline.

Safety: It's a Slippery Slope

The blizzard on the East Coast last week frosted cities and streets. How do you steer safely? We asked for tips from auto experts. Unfreeze door locks by heating the end of a key with a match.

Terror Watch: Financing Terror?

The Saudi Government says it has cracked down on Islamic extremists. But new allegations suggest Riyadh has increased its support for Hamas. Plus, American efforts to shut down a source of funding for terrorists may be faltering.

Waging Peace To The End

The day Israel's government collapsed last week, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres spent hours doing what he's best known for: trying to broker an agreement, this time between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Labor Party leader Binyamin Ben-Eliezer.

Inside Suicide, Inc.

Little boys love to play soldier. They want so badly to look like men, standing at attention in their crinkly little camouflage fatigues, trying to harden their soft eyes and their baby-toothed grins and show they're not really as powerless as they almost always feel.


As President George W. Bush was preparing to give his State of the Union speech last week, White House counselor Karen Hughes told reporters that it would contain some shocking news. "We have learned that up to 100,000 people have been trained [as] killers in the camps of Afghanistan and are now spread throughout the world," Hughes said.

Murky Past

An adjunct professor of international taxation at TV evangelist Pat Robertson's Regent University law school has abruptly resigned, the school said, after questions were raised about his background and his possible role in a major European money-laundering investigation.James C.

Following The Money

It's a story, as one former oil lobbyist in Washington puts it, that "a lot of people in this town wish would go away." And it's not hard to see why. It involves at least three giant, politically influential American oil companies; the leaders of an energy-rich former Soviet republic that the Clinton administration has assiduously cultivated in the post-cold-war years, and a wealthy, well-connected American middleman, James Giffen.

Jesse's World

It used to be instructive to watch Sen. Jesse Helms smoke a cigarette. For years he puffed on the ultimate coffin nails, unfiltered Lucky Strikes. But (like Bill Clinton with marijuana) he didn't inhale.

The Ghost Of Marcos Past

Benigno Aquino was the Blast Filipino leader to come home from exile, and his 1983 assassination at the airport set a revolution in motion. Now could another returning politician trigger turmoil-this time from a refrigerated casket?