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Past Voting Systems Had Remote-Access Software

Senator Ron Wyden said the decision to sell voting systems with remote-access software, leaving equipment possibly vulnerable to hacking, was "the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner." 

Plain Text: Uneasy Rider

My Web browser recently picked up a hitchhiker.The unwanted traveler hovers underneath the URL box on my copy of Internet Explorer, just below the invaluable Google toolbar.


Last spring Amy Fenollosa's brand-new Dell laptop morphed into an unruly ad-blasting machine. As she watched helplessly, her screen filled over and over with pop-up promotions for travel deals, cheap mortgages, pornography and--in a bitter twist--tools to help her get rid of unwanted ads. "The pop-ups came incessantly," she says. "I couldn't even open the Web browser or restart my computer.

American Beat: Shoddy Nation

I was having a bad couple of weeks. Actually, I should rephrase that. I was having my normal couple of weeks (bad with a hint of boredom). It was technology that was down in the dumps.

Art: Staying For A While At A Museum Near You

You might call it "calendar creep." Art-museum exhibitions in America and abroad are running longer and longer these days. New York's financially constricted Guggenheim Museum just closed its video show "Moving Pictures" after a run of almost seven months, Scotland's National Galleries won't take down its big exhibition of "Warhol to Koons" until it's been up almost as long and the St.

A Blow To The Empire

SOFTWARE GIANT IS THE MOST SERIOUS THREAT EVER TO BILL GATES'S HIGH-TECH KINGDOM.FEDERAL JUDGE THOMAS PENFIELD JACKSON HAD some news for his packed courtroom--he had conducted an informal software demonstration.