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Art: From Brooklyn to Abu Dhabi, With 'Love'

Brooklyn artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy come off as the quintessential hipsters: he has 1970s shaggy hair, she wears mod-cool outfits. The McCoys\' art, which gets shown around the world, is also very Brooklyn: ultra-low-tech videos and installations about movie culture, childhood fears, even the couple\'s first date—always packaged with a laugh and a wink.

Bordering on Insanity

One of the many infamous bits of collective memory that linger from the Vietnam War is the remark by an American officer trying to explain the utter devastation of Ben Tre, a provincial capital, in 1968: "It became necessary to destroy the town to save it," said the unnamed major.Now, it would seem, some American military analysts think the same reasoning should apply to the whole Middle East.

Kicking Back With A Book

Everything gets sticky in the summer. Vacations mean time to read more than e-mails and office memos, and long hot days make summer reading--like summer loves--sweeter and more intense.

The Story Of Her Life

SINCE THE PRINCESS OF WALES DIED a year ago, it seems that virtually everyone with a word processor and a tiara fetish has written a new book. How else to explain titles like "Dreaming of Diana: The Dreams Diana, Princess of Wales, Inspired" or the catchy "Diana Lives: The Sensational Psi Protocols From the Tunnel of Death"?

Che Chic

IT TOOK NEARLY 30 YEARS FOR THE rugged Bolivian mountains to give up the final secret about Ernesto (Che) Guevara. Late last month, near the remote town of Vallegrande, a team of Cuban and Argentine scientists knelt inside a deep pit before seven dusty skeletons.

Into Darkest Albania

LAMERICA, THE BEST NEW ITALIAN FILM to reach our shores in years, is shot in CinemaScope, the format of epics, wide-screen adventures and sweeping American vistas.

Trashing Mother Teresa

Christopher Hitchens, the Washington-based British journalist, has made a career of being a bad boy. But in attacking Mother Teresa of Calcutta-in The Nation and Vanity Fair, in the British documentary "Hell's Angel" and now in The Missionary Position (98 pages.