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Dramatic Photos Capture How Humans Have Changed the Earth

Filmmakers traveled all over the world to make dramatic aerial images of an enormous landfill in Nairobi, Kenya; forests damaged by oil spills in Nigeria; Italy's Carrara marble quarries; a gigantic open pit coal mine in Germany; a concrete sea wall under construction in China and several other sites.

Why Has Earth Remained Habitable for so Long?

The Gaia hypothesis proposes that life, through its interactions with the Earth's crust, oceans, and atmosphere, produced a stabilising effect which has enabled it to survive under conditions which would have wiped it out on non-regulating planets.

When Are the 2018 Midterm Primaries?

"You can see with the passion we've seen over the past year how there's been a movement led by young people," the Rock the Vote policy director told Newsweek. "Trying to transition that passion into actual voting is what we're working to do."