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London's Demise Has Been Exaggerated

These are hard times for the captains of London's once proud financial-services industry. Just two years ago they were loudly boasting that their city hosted 35 percent of the world's foreign-exchange deals and an even larger share of over-the-counter derivatives.

Will Oil Help Or Hinder the Recovery?

With oil prices on an unprecedented roller-coaster ride over the last year, our senior reporter Matthew Philips caught up with energy guru Dan Yergin, to talk about what effect petro-prices will have on the recovery.

Divorce: From Bad To Worse

Christie and Loren Kersten are divorcing, but after 12 months of brutal wrangling and more than $5,000 in legal fees, they still can't agree on how to divide their assets.

We Won't Be Back After These Messages

There is a silence around the watercooler these days. A few grumbles about the weather, a little talk about the big game, but no one, absolutely no one is talking about their tech stocks.

A Goose Step Into The Future

He didn't look like the jovial Jiang Zemin that Washington has come to know--the well-tailored fellow with the agreeable smile. On Friday, dressed in a somber Mao suit, a dark gray speck amid a colorful sea of 500,000 Chinese, China's president spoke from atop a crimson gate of the Forbidden City.