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What Happened to Adea Shabani?

Adea Shabani moved to Hollywood to become a star. One day she walked out of her apartment with two suitcases and was never seen alive again.

7 Ways to Banish (Almost) All of Your Pre-Interview Jitters

Getting an invitation to interview is always exciting—but the second that post-interview invitation glow wears off and the pre-interview jitters sets in, it’s all downhill from there. Your anxiety builds and builds, and by the time the meeting rolls around, you’re just a ball of nerves. To make sure you don’t walk into your next big interview a sweaty and nervous mess, here are a few strategies to try out prior to the big day.

Sex Is Not the Problem: What David Letterman and Steve Phillips Demonstrate About Women in the Workplace

The recent revelation of a summertime affair gone wrong between ESPN's Baseball Tonight analyst Steve Phillips and a 22-year-old production assistant seemed like just another postscript of a year plagued by sex scandals.  Now it's been reported that Phillips has been fired for his office affair. "His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged," said a spokesman for the network.  Phillips is apparently set to enter a "treatment facility"...

Six Gym Health Hazards

They offer great health benefits, but gyms are also breeding grounds for germs. Here's how to avoid getting a virus along with those toned abs.

A Crazily Inspiring Book About Cancer

Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer nearly five years ago, Kris Carr hit her 'zero point,' but then came back swinging and is telling her tale first in a movie and now in a dazzling book.

The Good Life

The Baby Makes 2 1/2 package at the Maldives'Dhoni Mighili has a pregnancy menu that caters to cravings like pickles and ice cream. A tailored wellness program gives intimacy pointers for prenatal life as couples learn to massage each other (from $17,910 per couple for five nights; ).Having a girl?


America split in its choice for president, but most responses to our Nov. 15 election issue came from Kerryites dejected by George W. Bush's win. "Who can look at this man's achievements and say, 'Give him another chance'?" asked one.


It's just 25 miles from Martha Stewart's country manse in Bedford, N.Y., to the minimum-security women's federal prison camp at Danbury, Conn. But for a woman used to unparalleled luxury, her likely future home will seem a world apart.


Eight years ago Mary Jansen of Dallas decided that half a century of sedentary living was enough, and she began to train for a marathon. The day of the race, it took her more than six hours to chug across the finish line. "I took my time because I was enjoying myself," she says.

Cheat Sheet: Tips For Tipping

If it takes a village to run your life, don't forget all the villagers at holiday time. If you're not sure how much to give, go to for what's appropriate and appreciated.

Mail Call: Anxiety And The Brain

Our March 3 story about fear's effect on the body drew letters of thanks from many readers. Sharing their worries during times of "government-induced fear," when "the imminence of a third world war is causing lots of stress," readers praised a story that many found "helpful" and "valuable."Dealing With FearThank you for the article on anxiety and how it affects our brain ("Our Bodies, Our Fears," March 3).

American Beat: Food Fight

How dumb are you, anyway? And, more important, whose fault is it? In the past couple of months, it has become clear that these two questions are increasingly central to understanding the American experience.The great debate over how ignorant we all are and who we can blame for it began in earnest in August, when three really fat teenage girls--how fat?

Leg Waxing And Life Everlasting

My mother did not exfoliate. In her medicine cabinet she had a big white jar of Pond's cold cream and a big blue jar of Noxzema. That's as much care and feeding as her face ever got.

Russian Exercise

WILL JANE (FEEL THE Burn) Fonda soon be toning up Moscow's babushkas? Turner Broadcasting officials aren't talking, but sources in Atlanta say the cable network is planning a TV show for Russian women hosted by Fonda.