Release the Seattle Kraken! NHL Team Name Rumors Swirl After Teaser Video

Franchise names have been a major source of controversy recently, with the Washington Redskins dropping their nickname and a number of other teams reviewing their references to Native American cultures.

While there are no controversies surrounding the name of Seattle's soon-to-be-unveiled NHL franchise, there's been plenty of debate over the monicker of choice since the franchise released a teaser video ahead of a "significant" event on Thursday, which will see the "32nd franchise comes to life" at 9 a.m. PT (12 p.m. ET) on Thursday.

The clip features three people on a fishing boat looking to pull up the day's catch, interspersed with panoramic shots of Seattle. Once the trio pull the net on board, they realize it contains a red light and when two fishermen begin examining it, the light begins flashing while a Washington State ferry sounds.

The fact the video is set on a fishing boat seems to indicate the franchise may opt for the name of a marine creature. Twitter certainly seems to be on board with the idea, with several users suggesting the franchise should be adopt "Kraken."

07.23.2020 - 9:00am PT

The 32nd franchise comes to life.

— Seattle Kraken (@NHLSeattle_) July 23, 2020

*whispers* I kinda like the Seattle Kraken if that’s what it ends up being.

— Joe Fann (@Joe_Fann) July 23, 2020


— Seattle Kraken’t (@SeattleKraken3) July 23, 2020


— Curtis Rogers (@AKidFromKent) July 23, 2020

The mythical sea creature featured in some of the movies produced by team owner Jerry Bruckheimer and would certainly make for a fascinating logo.

However, the sea monster doesn't quite fit the franchise's bid to select a name that reflects the region—the kraken, according to Norse sagas, dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.

If it's Kraken I won't be rooting for them.

— Scott Pooley (@SCOTT197049) July 23, 2020

If it’s not this, I don’t care

— Erik Brady (@erik23brady) July 23, 2020

While Washington is a coastal state, squid and octopus are far more popular in the Pacific Ocean than legendary monsters allegedly spotted in the north Atlantic Ocean, which is why some on Twitter suggested "Sockeyes" will be the franchise's nickname.

Seattle is gonna announce their team name tomorrow.

Seattle Sockeyes is the one, imo. 🔥

— Alex Ohári 🇭🇺🔴⚪️ (@FutureCanes) July 23, 2020

Going to be the Sockeye. Look at the colors they used for the nets and the fisherman’s coveralls. Teal, Orange and Black

— Scott Kossak (@bunks2661) July 23, 2020

Sockeyes or we riot. Kraken is lame

— Aleksander Tiedemann (@Ezraw0) July 23, 2020

The monicker topped a weeks-long polling contest The Seattle Times run in October 2018, two months before the NHL officially awarded the franchise to the city.

In May, NHL Seattle CEO Tod Leiweke said the franchise was considering different options. Two years ago, NBC Sports reported the team registered 13 names, which included Kraken, Totems, Emeralds, Rainiers, Sockeyes, Renegades, Sea Lions, Seals, Evergreens, Whales, Cougars, Eagles and Firebirds.

"If you do just one [name], then you've left yourself hostage to any sort of challenge," he said. "So we've had to do multiple [trade]marks, and that's about where we are."

He added the team would in all likelihood announce its name along with the logo and its official colors.

The color scheme is also going to be source of interest. The Seattle Seahawks uniforms feature navy blue, green and grey, colors which are also associated with the Seattle Mariners, although the MLB franchise's home uniform is predominantly white and one of its alternate uniforms features yellow and cream tones.

Green and blue make up the Seattle Sounders' home uniform, while the MLS franchise's away strip is entirely black with pink inserts.

[File photo] A puck sits on the ice during NHL action between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins at Rogers Arena on February 22 in Vancouver, Canada. Rich Lam/Getty