Car Rams Into Seattle George Floyd Protesters, Driver Allegedly Shoots One Man

A man has been arrested after he allegedly drove into a crowd of protesters in Seattle, Washington, and shot at least one person.

Footage taken from the scene shows the aftermath of a black car hitting a barricade on East Pine Street and 11th Avenue on Capitol Hill on Sunday, where people had been gathering to protest the death of George Floyd for the past several days.

A man wearing a black hooded top and dark baseball cap gets out the vehicle brandishing a firearm. The suspect then walks into a crowd of people.

A man drove through 11th and hit a barricade. He exited his car and flashed a gun. The police say they have the man in custody and have the gun. They asked for anybody who is hurt to come to the barricade. A man was on the ground on 11th and Pine. He’s up now.

— Chase Burns (@chaseburnsy) June 8, 2020

A second video posted on Twitter shows a victim, identified only as Daniel, being transported by medical personnel down the street after allegedly being shot in the arm.

Speaking to Seattle photographer Alex Garland, Daniel described how he saw a vehicle going down East Pine Street and then punching the driver in the face after catching up with him.

"My whole thing was to protect those people," Daniel added.

While posting the video, Garland tweeted: "With the help of other medics I got a tourniquet on his arm. Street medics were on the spot with gauze and pressure."

Story unclear at the moment but young man shot on 11th and Pine. Daniel, 26, wanted to tell his story. With the help of other medics I got a tourniquet on his arm. Street medics were on the spot with gauze and pressure. He walked off the scene.

— Alex Garland (@AGarlandPhoto) June 8, 2020

Medic Ryan Teed also described seeing the suspect get out of the car brandishing a firearm to KOUW.

"He waved it, pointed it at everyone, myself included, ran into the crowd," Teed said.

"It looked like the crowd sort of got him, and turned him over to the police. There was an injury on the ground here.

"Medics surrounded that guy, treated him, and then we marched him, clearing the street, to the next intersection.

"We got there just as an ambulance was pulling in, and he got in with his fist in the air. He was okay."

Seattle Police confirmed that a suspect had been taken into custody in connection with the incident.

"Suspect in custody, gun recovered after man drove vehicle into crowd at 11th and Pine," the department tweeted.

"Seattle Fire transported victim to hospital. Officers searched, but do not believe there are any additional victims."

Seattle Police have been contacted for further comment.

Seattle is just one of a number of cities across the U.S. to have seen protests and disorder break out in the wake of Floyd's death while being arrested for Minneapolis Police last month.

On Saturday, flash bangs and pepper spray were used in an attempt to disperse the crowd near Capitol Hill after several officers were injured when incendiary devices, bottles, rocks, and other missiles were thrown at police.

Officer Mike Sloan, president of the Seattle Police Officer Guild union, said they have been supportive of the peaceful protests but warned that a "group of criminal agitators" are causing violence and danger at the demonstrations.

Sloan also urged the use of tear gas to be deployed in order to protect officers and citizens.

"This hostile, violent group continues to throw projectiles and injure police officers," Sloan wrote an open letter to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

"Many SPOG members have sustained significant injuries including broken bones, stitches, bruises and one almost lost an eye. This is unacceptable."

An ambulance passes through police barricades as demonstrators face off with law enforcement personnel near the Seattle Police Departments East Precinct on June 6, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. A man has been arrested after he allegedly drove into a crowd of protesters in Seattle and shot at least one person. David Ryder/Getty