Sebastian Gorka Claims Biden Helping China 'Displace' U.S., Credits Beijing for 'China First' Policy

Sebastian Gorka, ex-deputy assistant to former President Donald Trump, joined Newsmax host Rob Schmitt in praising Chinese Communist Party leaders for touting "China first"—something they both accused President Joe Biden of not doing for the United States on the world stage.

Gorka and Schmitt appeared on Newsmax to tout Chinese government leaders in a Saturday discussion about Biden's performance at the G7 summit this week. Gorka accused Biden and Democrat "political elites" of giving China, Russia and India exemptions from CO2 emission regulations as well as other global financial and environmental obligations.

Gorka mocked the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement and said the U.S. carries the financial and economic burden of the world while allowing China to become a stronger international superpower.

He repeatedly claimed Washington liberals think "America is bad" and are handing the reins of the world over to Beijing.

"These people believe—whether it's [Minnesota Rep] Ilhan Omar, whether it's sleepy, creepy Biden, or whether it's any of the Democrats—they believe America is the problem. Everywhere else is good, Europe, the EU, whether it's Iran or China...they are treating our enemies like friends and they are treating our friends like pariahs."

"It's another con job. China wants to displace us they've got a plan," Gorka claimed. "They want to displace us and they want to become the world's superpower. And guess what? Sleepy, creepy Beijing Biden is helping them."

Newsmax host Schmitt agreed and praised Chinese government officials for seemingly appearing more powerful than Biden and U.S. representatives on the world stage this week.

"China, to their credit, I don't like them, but they're doing a hell of a job. I mean they're doing a way better job than we are preventing it from happening," Schmitt said.

"They believe in China first," Gorka replied, touting Beijing leaders. "Every political elite should represent their nation first, that's what Donald Trump did. But with Biden...America last under sleepy creepy."

Gorka also ridiculed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for advocating climate change reforms, claiming that "since he caught COVID, he's a shadow of his former self and he's not a traditional conservative."

The two closed out Saturday morning's Newsmax segment by mocking first lady Dr. Jill Biden for tweeting out a picture last week of her sitting in the president's chair en route to the G7 summit.

"You wife, who nobody elected," Gorka scoffed, prompting laughter from Schmitt.

Newsweek reached out to the White House and representatives of Gorka for any additional remarks.

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Newsmax host Rob Schmitt speaks with Sebastian Gorka on Saturday. Screenshot: YouTube | Newsmax