Internet Drags Man Blaming Sister-in-law After Getting Second-Degree Burn

A man who suffered a second-degree burn after dipping his finger in hot liquid has been criticized on Mumsnet, the U.K.-based online forum.

In a post on Mumsnet's Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) subforum, user QuestionableMouse said they had just finished making a batch of caramel at home when their "f***ing muppet" brother-in-law put his finger "straight in it" after being warned not to touch the bowl because it was "extremely hot."

According to the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 414,000 emergency department visits in 2019 were reported to be for burns and corrosions (the "eating away of skin" from chemical burns).

The user in the latest Mumsnet post said: "I genuinely can't believe he did it," adding "he's the type to touch a gate with a wet paint sign to see if it's actually wet!"

A human hand seen near metal pot.
A hand is seen near a metal pot in this file photo. A man who got a second-degree burn after dipping his finger in a bowl of hot caramel has been criticized by users on Mumsnet. iStock/Getty Images Plus

The brother-in-law was "screaming in pain" and was taken to the emergency department for treatment. "He's got a second-degree burn on his finger apparently," the user said.

Burns caused by contact with hot liquids, surfaces and flames are known as thermal burns.

According to a January 2020 report in StatPearls, the largest library of medical education in the world, around 86 percent of burns are caused by a thermal injury, while around four percent result from electrical injuries and three percent are from chemical injuries.

"More adults are injured with flame burns while children younger than five years old are more often injured with scald burns," according to StatPearls.

The original poster explained: "I'm annoyed because he's apparently blaming me for leaving the bowl out! Apparently saying 'do not touch that, it's extremely hot,' wasn't good enough.

"Sister is furious with him too, honestly. It's like there's a short circuit in his brain that activates as soon as he's told NOT to do something," QuestionableMouse said.

Mumsnet users sided with the original poster, saying the brother-in-law is an "idiot" and "imbecile" for sticking his finger in hot liquid.

Aquamarine1029 wrote: "He was warned, he ignored that warning. It's not your fault he's an idiot."

Sexnotgender agreed, noting: "Not your fault he's an imbecile, I wouldn't give it a second thought."

MummyInTheNecropolis shared: "How rude to stick your finger in someone else's food whether it's hot or not. Bloody idiot, he has no right to be annoyed with you, he should be apologizing!"

IDreamOfTheMoors commented: "Perhaps his head was up his a*** when you warned him. It definitely was when he stuck his finger in an obviously extremely hot bowl. Dumb***."