Second Stimulus Check Update: Could There Be Another Payment in August?

If Congress can pass another coronavirus relief package in the next two weeks, Americans could see economic impact payments deposited into their accounts before September starts. However, that's a trillion dollar if.

Days of meetings between White House officials, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer failed to turn out an agreement and the two sides remain divided on a number of issues, including unemployment benefits. One aspect of the deal not causing tension between the two sides is stimulus checks as negotiators agreed on a second round.

A second round of checks would likely resemble the payments that were sent out under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, according to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The first relief package included $1,200 payments for people with an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less and $2,400 for joint-filers earning up to $150,000.

Whereas the CARES Act included $500 payments for eligible children under 17 years old, another round of payments would likely expand eligibility to dependents of all ages.

"Some people that we didn't intend to leave out last time, but we did. So regardless of age some of these dependents will now be helped," Senator Chuck Grassley said on the Senate floor while presenting the Republican proposal.

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In this Photo Illustration, Twenty dollar bills sit in a wallet on August 29, 2017, in San Anselmo, California. If Congress passes another stimulus package by August 24, it's possible at last some Americans could receive economic impact payments before September 1. Justin Sullivan/Getty

Expanding eligibility for dependents regardless of their age was a provision Democrats included in the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act. Democrats also wanted to expand payments to include certain undocumented immigrants who were excluded under the CARES Act, however, Mnuchin said Democrats are on board with a plan for stimulus checks.

When Americans receive payments depends on Congress passing a package, but once that happens, Mnuchin said payments could be sent very quickly.

"I could have them out immediately," Mnuchin told reporters on August 2. "If I could get it passed tomorrow, I could start printing them the following week. I could get out 50 million payments really quickly."

At this timeline, it's about 10 days faster than the first round of checks were sent and means at least some people could receive payments by August 31 if Congress passes a bill by August 24. That gives legislators about two weeks to come to an agreement, though it's unclear if that will happen.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump signed four executive orders to provide a payroll tax holiday to Americans earning under $100,000 per year, a moratorium on evictions, expansion of unemployment benefits by $400 per week and deferment of federal student loan payments and interest. The president criticized Democrats for not engaging in significant negotiations and Democratic leadership targeted Trump's method for pursuing the measures and failing to do enough.

Pelosi told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace that Trump's actions were "weak and unconstitutional" and Schumer told This Week's George Stephanopoulos that they were "unworkable" and "far too narrow."