Secret Service Arrests Oregon Man, Charges Him With Assaulting Swiss Ambassador

The Secret Service arrested an Oregon man on Monday and charged him with assaulting the Swiss ambassador to the U.S.

At around 2:09 p.m. Monday, Secret Service officers responded to a call about an "unwanted guest" at 2920 Cathedral Avenue in Washington, D.C., the Swiss ambassador's residence, according to court documents posted to Twitter by Scott MacFarlane of WRC-TV Washington, The home is connected to the Swiss Embassy.

After responding to the call, Secret Service officers spoke with a female employee at the embassy and the Swiss ambassador, who told them a man had refused to leave the premises. According to the court documents, the ambassador informed the officers that the man may have become "alarmed" by their presence and directed them to "the front and side entrances of the residence."

Secret Service
A Secret Service agent stands before the arrival of President George W. Bush at Prestwick Airport in Scotland on July 6, 2005. Bruno Vincent/Getty

Court documents show that the man then attempted to push the ambassador back and continued to pull away from the Secret Service officers when they tried to detain him. The man was identified as Christian David Mandeville by his Oregon identification card, according to court documents.

"Upon entering, Mandeville attempted to run further into the building. The Ambassador put his hands out to stop Mandeville, but Mandeville used his arms to knock away the Ambassador's arms. Mandeville then used his body to try and push his way past the Ambassador. His actions pushed the Ambassador backward," the court documents said.

The documents quote one of the Secret Service officers as saying, "I attempted to detain the subject and push him to the ground, but he continued to pull away and fight against me. With additional law enforcement assistance, I was able to take Mandeville to the ground."

"Mandeville refused to present his hands and pulled his hands inward, reaching towards the area of his waistband," the documents add.

Newsweek reached out to the Secret Service for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

The court documents also say that Mandeville was seen inside the ambassador's residence on surveillance and camera footage. In addition to assaulting the Swiss ambassador, court documents show that Mandeville grabbed the wrist of one of the ambassador's employees and pushed him away.

"The employee tried to grab Mandeville, but Mandeville continued to push the employee, attempting to get around him. The embassy employee identified himself to law enforcement with Switzerland identification and was further identified by the Ambassador as one of his employees," the documents say.

A spokesperson for the Swiss Embassy told Newsweek, "The individual was arrested by the U.S. Secret Service and the Metropolitan Police Department. U.S. Secret Service and MPD also investigated a suspicious package near the residence and determined there was no imminent threat to the safety of the ambassador, staff or embassy. Neither the ambassador nor embassy staff were harmed in this incident."