Secret Walmart Shopping Hack Revealed in TikTok Viewed Over 20 Million Times

A viral TikTok video claims to have found a way for shoppers to get an in-store discount at Walmart—but company experts say otherwise online.

TikTok user Mittal Patel, also known by his username @iammittalpatel, shared his alleged shopping secret when visiting Walmart in mid-June. Since posting the video, it has been viewed over 20.5 million times and liked by more than 3.1 million savvy shoppers.

Patel's video begins with a prompt from video creator @colinjashby: "What is a fact or statistic that seems fake but is real?"

"When you go to Walmart and the doors open, look up. There's a four-digit code," Patel claims. "Remember that!"

He then instructs shoppers to shop as normal, but then opt for a self-checkout register. "Now on that screen, on the top right corner, there's an option for discount code. Click that and enter the code," he claims.

Patel's supposed hack is the latest in a series of shopping tips shared on TikTok. Consumers and employees alike have taken to the platform to spill secret recipes, discount hacks, store policies and more in videos that often go viral.

For those counting their cash, TikToker @lizzymwong revealed how to save money at Target. The former employee said the retail corporation price-matches their competitors, such as Walmart and Amazon.

Similarly, at Kohl's, TikToker and former company employee @atomictango also shared a sneaky money hack. She claimed staff are required to follow a "Yes You Can" policy. If a customer desires a discount of less than 50 percent off the original price of an item, it should be automatically approved.

Best Buy shoppers are also eligible for incredible steals, according to employee @chubbyelviss. He claimed employers can honor a manufacturer warranty, even if they tell you they can't, and the best time to get discounts was on a Saturday night.

Viral TikTok Walmart Shopping "Hack"
A man on TikTok has gone viral for his wild allegations on how people could get a discount while shopping at Walmart. Some current employees responded the hack was a myth. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

However, many in the comments section on Patel's video expressed doubts about the veracity of his claims. Several people indicated they tried this trick for themselves, and were unsuccessful in obtaining a discount.

"I tried and there wasn't a code," one user shared. "Yeah, I work for Walmart, this is 100% false," another alleged employee added.

According to a report from Snopes, the Walmart discount code rumor has existed on TikTok since at least 2020. In January 2021, a user known only as @watchoutttt.kee shared the same claims with his following. His video was viewed over 4 million times.

"Four digit number. Only managers, supervisors, [general managers] and all them big top dogs know this," he claims.


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The Snopes report also referenced two separate TikToks in which a customer and a Walmart employee show on camera that the four-digit code discount appears to be a myth.

"In sum, there is no special four-digit code hidden over or around the front doors of Walmart stores that allows customers to receive a discount at self-checkout," the outlet reported. "If such a trick did exist, there would countless videos showing that it works. Instead, there are none."

Newsweek reached out to Patel and Walmart for comment on the situation, but did not immediately hear back in time for publication.

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