'Sekiro' Blazing Bull Boss Walkthrough: The One Tip That Lets You Cheese Your Way To Victory

Some fights in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice require perfectly timed attacks and deflections, but nothing subtle is useful against the Blazing Bull boss blocking your path to Ashina Castle. Not only is it the size of a tank, but someone has lashed bails of burning straw to the mini boss's massive horns.

Since the Blazing Bull bursts through a building to attack you, the first encounter sets an intimidating precedent. For those off their guard, the Blazing Bull likely killed Sekiro in moments.

It doesn't get much easier from there. The Blazing Bull inflicts the Burn status effect, amplifying the damage you take. With its wide, head-sweeping attacks, it's also hard to effectively dodge, let alone get around its horns to the animal's exposed flanks. But there's really only one strategy needed to take down the bull: don't lock on.

Sekiro Boss Guide: Blazing Bull

The Blazing Bull doesn't hesitate to attack Sekiro. FromSoftware/Activision

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice emphasizes different skills in different fights. But taking down the Blazing Bull only becomes manageable when you defy the camera lock essential to every other fight. Because the lock on keeps Sekiro circling around his opponent, you'll find it difficult to dodge around his flaming horns—it locks you just within his reach.

Instead, adopt a running strategy, putting distance between you and the Bull, then forcing it to charge you into a corner. Run around to attack his exposed flanks, instead of dodging around. Deploying Shinobi Firecrackers in the bull's face is also useful, forcing it to rear up and exposing its underside for a handful of seconds.

How to Find the Blazing Bull

To find the Blazing Bull in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, start at the Ashina Castle Gate Sculptor's Idol, which is unlocked immediately after defeating Gyoubu the Demon. Up the stairs, past a rifleman and a gate, you'll find a courtyard with three dogs, two riflemen and two guards with swords (head up the stairs behind the dogs if you're out hunting rats for Tengu). Or, it can be bypassed entirely, using a little stealth and this tree branch:


The courtyard beyond has two guards with swords watching over two hammer-wielding giants, plus a rifleman and spearman on the staircase beyond the field. Jump over to this rooftop from the stairway gate for some items (it's also worth exploring for Grappling Hook attachments on the far side of the guard tower) and a great vantage point from which to stealth kill any or every enemy in the courtyard.


At the top of the steps, you'll find a few more guards, but don't worry about them, because they're about to get trampled. Enter the Blazing Bull.

The reward for beating the Blazing Bull is not only a Prayer Bead, but a new Latent Skill, "Shinobi Medicine Rank 2," which "increases the healing effect of recovery items."