'Sekiro' Shinobi Firecracker Location: Where To Find The Prosthetic That's Great Against Bosses

At the beginning of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you'll lose an arm while trying to protect your young master. Sekiro—the one-armed wolf, a deadly shinobi—wakes up under the care of a Sculptor who provides you with an incredible device: the Shinobi Prosthetic. Your new, mechanical arm can be upgraded with weapons the Sculptor can attach to it. You'll pick up many Prosthetic Tools throughout the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice campaign, many right along your path. Others take a little searching to find. One of these, the Shinobi Firecracker, is worth seeking out, particularly since it's incredibly useful against some of the early bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

The Shinobi Firecracker also works on chickens. FromSoftware/Activision

Finding Prosthetic Tools for the Shinobi Prosthetic in Sekiro

Most of the Prosthetic Tools you'll find in the early hours of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are picked up in the course of campaigning. The Shuriken Wheel is in the second floor of a gatehouse, just past the Outskirts Wall - Gate Path Sculptor's Idol, next to a dead person wearing eagle plumage. The Shinobi Axe of the Monkey, with which the Sculptor can build you the shield-busting Loaded Axe for your Shinobi Prosthetic, can be found in a little temple (outside two men are debating robbing the shrine) between the Estate Path and Bamboo Thicket Slope in Hirata Estate. To build a Flame Vent, pick up the Flame Barrel by a campfire surrounded by enemy soldiers near the Estate Path Sculptor's Idol. It's a huge fire, and if you eavesdrop they talk specifically about the device being at the center of it.

But the Shinobi Firecracker is different. This Prosthetic Tool is acquirable early in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, thanks to a well-hidden Merchant.

You can find Shinobi Firecracker at the Crow's Bed Memorial Mob, a merchant on a plateau above the Outskirts Wall - Gate Path in Ashina Outskirts. The best vantage from which to see the Crow's Bed Memorial Mob is in this area, where you first encounter a big boy and his hammer:

You're heading toward the half-collapsed two-story building to the left. FromSoftware/Activision

There's a pesky rifleman in some second floor ruins. From atop the rifleman's building, you can see across the plateau and the merchant's tent. Here he is, surrounded by crows:

Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob, visible but unreachable. FromSoftware / Activision

But you can't reach him—only a circuitous path will take you there. Remember this gate, with cannon guy at the top? Kill him and stand in his place.

Even if you don't see him, you'll probably see his mortars. FromSoftware/Activision
I need this corner. FromSoftware/Activision

You should be able to see a white icon indicating a nearby grappling branch.

The white icon is where you can attach with your Grappling Hook. FromSoftware/Activision

Grappling it will take you to a hilltop from which you can see some items across a chasm (where there's a path leading back up to the big boy field), but that's not where we're heading right now.

You're heading up that grassy slope, to the ledge midway up. FromSoftware/Activision

Instead, jump across to the long, stealthy grass, then grapple up to a rock ledge. Look up to find the last grapple attachment, directly above you.

Look up. FromSoftware/Activision

Welcome to Crow's Bed Memorial Mob.


Buy the Robert's Firecrackers ("Firecrackers from across southern seas") for 500 sen to unlock the Shinobi Firecracker Prosthetic Tool. If you're short on sen, see if you have any coin purses in your inventory. The merchant will buy them from you.

Robert's Firecracker costs 500 sen. FromSoftware/Activision

Pop back to the Dilapidated Temple using your Homeward Idol. Present your Shinobi Prosthetic to the Sculptor and he can install the Shinobi Firecracker.

The Shinobi Firecracker costs 3 Spirit Emblems per use. Here's the item description:

"Unleashes an explosive flash that briefly blinds foes and inflicts Posture damage on beast-type enemies. Has a wide, frontward field of effect that can impact multiple foes at once. Suitable for temporarily immobilizing enemies and particularly good for scaring beasts."

Later you'll be able to upgrade the Shinobi Firecracker, adding a spring-loaded mechanism which sprays the gunpowder in the Firecracker in a circle around Sekiro, just for starters.

Sure the Shinobi Firecracker is good for scaring dogs, but it really finds a great use in boss encounters, some of which are giant beasts, others are on horseback. Getting the Shinobi Firecracker early is particularly important if you're struggling with Gyoubu the Demon, who guards the Ashina Castle Gate. If you don't buy Robert's Firecrackers at Crow's Bed Memorial Mob, you'll need to wait until after beating Gyoubu, a boss against which the Shinobi Firecracker is incredibly powerful.

You'll want the Shinobi Firecracker on this battlefield. FromSoftware/Activision

To get Robert's Firecrackers and build the Shinobi Firecracker Prosthetic Tool after beating Gyoubu visit the Battlefield Memorial Mob merchant. He can be found at the top of a staircase outside of a building across from the Ashina Castle Gate, where new NPCs and a shortcut back to the Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Sculptor's Idol can also be found.

Whether you pick it up early or at easier to find merchant locations later in the game, Shinobi Firecracker is likely to become an essential part of your repertoire of Shinobi Prosthetic tricks in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, out now for PS4, Xbox and PC.