'Sekiro' Flying Guide: How to Swim Through the Air With 'Shadows Die Twice' Glitch

While Sekiro can learn some astonishing shinobi techniques in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, no amount of anti-air deathblows or mountainside grappling can quite match the power and freedom of flight, now achievable with the help of a newly discovered glitch.

First found by YouTuber komewgi, the Sekiro flying glitch allows players unlimited flight, by glitching swimming until Sekiro is moving through the air instead. Another YouTuber, Djxyz0, provided a more systematic way to activate the glitch.

To start flying in Sekiro, you'll first need access to the Fountainhead Palace Sculptor's Idol, which is only accessible late in the game. You'll also need the Latent Skill (which means no button press is needed to activate it) Mibu Breathing Technique, which is automatically acquired after defeating the Corrupted Monk boss.

Begin by heading toward the Great Colored Carp boss location, found in a cavern to one side of the lake in front of Fountainhead Palace. Just inside the cavern, there's an area on the rock wall to the left where it's possible to activate the flying glitch.

This part takes some brute-force repetition. All you have to do is repeatedly water dash forward into the rock wall. Don't get discouraged, even if it takes over a dozen attempts before Sekiro phases through the rock wall and into open water.

You've now glitched through the map, but the game will continue to act as if you're underwater. Swim upwards and you'll find that you're still underwater, even as you begin swimming by above-water terrain features. Keep swimming up and around above the waterline and back over recognizable portions of the Sekiro map and the shimmering water filter will soon shut off.

You are now hovering in midair and able to fly by swimming. Because flight enables you to bypass most of the boundaries between different Sekiro map regions, it's simple to fly out beyond Fountainhead Palace and explore other areas of the game, including the burning Hirata Estate, which is technically only visited in dreams. You can even fly upward until the whole map is revealed, floating on its polygonal platform in a vast void of digital nothingness.

Fighting in mid-air flight is also possible (you can even use items like the Healing Gourd), though Sekiro will mostly be limited to swooping, mid-air sword strikes. While the Guard controls are available while swimming/flying, good luck landing deflections at the odd flight angles.

Flying has its limitations. You can't fly Sekiro into any area where he'd otherwise die from falling. This will instantly result in your death.

Friend: Wow you must spend a lot of hours fighting bosses in Sekiro huh?

Me: uh... yeah.. of course

Actually Me: pic.twitter.com/f5LEGpdW32

— Djxyz0 (@Djxyz0) April 10, 2019

To deactivate flight, simply fly below the surface of any body of water again. Skim beneath, but close to, the surface, and you'll soon be able to swim up and out of the water, emerging as if you were swimming all along. Your flight is over.