Selena Gomez Teases 'Wizards of Waverly Place' Reunion Later This Month

Selena Gomez is having a busy August, with a Blackpink collaboration coming and a new movie she produced coming out. For that film, This is the Year, she worked with her former Wizards of Waverly Place co-star David Henrie, who directed the comedy.

To celebrate the launch of This is the Year, Gomez and Henrie are reuniting for a virtual premiere, which will include a Q&A with the cast of the movie and Gomez and Henrie, who played Alex and Justin Russo in the Disney Channel supernatural comedy.

This was announced via a video the Selena Gomez YouTube page featuring her and Henrie, in which the "Lose You To Love Me" singer said: "With all the craziness going on on the world, a feel-good movie is just what we need. Most premieres are only for a very small, select group of people, but not this one. We want all of you to watch it with us."

This premiere is scheduled to air on August 28 at 7.30 p.m. ET. Gomez and Henrie will host a pre-show party, with the film set to start at 8 p.m. The Q&A, hosted by Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, will then air at 9.40 p.m.

In order to see This is the Year plus the mini-Wizards of Waverly Place reunion, fans can buy tickets on the movie's website, where they cost $11.99.

The synopsis for the movie reads: "In a last ditch effort to win over the girl of his dreams, a nerdy high school senior (Lorenzo Henrie) and his best friends embark on a road trip to see their favorite band at the biggest music festival of the year, only to discover true love in the most unexpected place. This Is The Year is a feel-good, contemporary spin on many of the classic 80's movies that resonated with that era's youth."

Gomez and Henry appeared together on Wizards of Waverly Place across over 100 episodes from 2007 to 2012.

This will be the second Wizards of Waverly Place cast reunion that Disney Channel fans have had this August. At the start of the month, Henrie reunited with Harper Finkle actor Jennifer Stone for a trivia competition on the Gregg and Cameron YouTube channel.

This is not the first time, in fact, that Gomez and Henrie have reunited since the show ended in 2012. In 2017, for example, Gomez's first Instagram Story featured the two speculating about what their characters would be doing five years later.

They have also revealed that they constantly discuss reboot ideas for the show. Henrie told Entertainment Tonight: "Selena and I sit and talk about what would the reboot be, and we have a whole take."

In their imagining of a reboot, Alex is a fashion star, while Justin is a school principal, and the series would: "Start them off at the worst place ever so that way throughout the series you give them a nice, beautiful arch of reuniting."