Self-Care on Smartphones: Best Mindful Apps You Can Download for Instant Peace

The word "mindfulness" has become common in recent years. It refers to becoming more self-aware and focusing on the present moment. The American Psychological Association says mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety while promoting an optimistic lifestyle.

As more people learn about mindfulness, mindfulness-based apps have proliferated. There are apps for almost everything, from meditation to journaling. Here are a few for people looking to get started:

Young woman in Yoga position meditating in November 2016 in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Marc Habran/Art in All of Us/Corbis/Getty


Guided meditation can be intimidating. Headspace combats negative assumptions about meditation—boredom or ineffectiveness—by providing detailed, mood-oriented meditation options. With meditation for any mood, from grief to joy, users can quickly find a practice that best suits them. Users can also find "sleep stories" that work to aid in falling asleep.

Headspace has free options. An annual subscription with premium content can be purchased for $95.88.


Like Headspace, Calm provides a number of options based on mood. It boasts features like tailored sessions and sleep relaxation. In addition, Calm gives users the option to play soothing music or listen to nature sounds, like rain.

Calm is also a free service but does have a premium, annual subscription for $59.99. Calm lovers can also purchase a lifetime subscription for $399.99.


Therapy is now accessible from your smartphone. If, for any reason, an in-office visit isn't possible, look no further than BetterHelp. The talk therapy is convenient for lunch breaks or quiet moments. Solo, couple and teen therapy are all available.

The service is billed once a month and costs between $40 and $70 per week.


This meditation app targets anxiety and high-stress levels. Aura provides meditations, uplifting stories, music and more.

Aura has a week-long free trial. After, it's billed $59.99 annually.

Day One Journal

Writing thoughtfully can release tension after a long day. Day One Journal, an editor's choice on the iPhone App Store, allows users to reflect on their good and bad moments. With photo, writing and voice recording options, the app fits the lifestyle of any user.

My Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal can remind one of life's joys. My Gratitude Journal, an app that allows users to write down things they're thankful for, aims to promote positivity. The app is $1.99 to download.


This happiness app presents a series of science-based mood-boosting games including meditation and interactive experiences. Happify also tracks user progress to show any happiness patterns.

Happify has both free programs and premium content in three selections: monthly for $14.99, annually for $139.99 and lifetime for $499.99.