Who Are The 'Selling Tampa' Realtors? From Sharelle Rosado to Colony Reeves, Meet The Cast

Selling Tampa is the first spin-off of Netflix's hit reality series Selling Sunset, which focuses on the life and work of real estate agents.

Following the success of its predecessor, Selling Tampa will introduce a whole host of new agents from Allure Realty, an all-Black, all-female real estate company based in Tampa, Florida.

Once again helmed by Adam DiVello, Selling Tampa follows its stars in both their professional and personal lives for a show that will no doubt be just as thrilling for fans as the original.

Here is everything you need to know about the stars of the new reality show.

Who stars in the cast of Selling Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado

Sharelle Rosado is the founder of Allure Realty and its CEO, and she launched the company in 2019.

She is a former United States Army paratrooper, and went on to branch out into real estate and help support women from minority backgrounds with Allure Realty's first office in Tampa, Florida.

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Rosado revealed she brought Allure Realty's work to DiVello's attention by "sliding into his DM's".

Of her reasoning, she explained: "I thought it was time to turn the spotlight on us and began contacting various people I knew in the television industry to see if they were interested."

Juawana Colbert

Juawana Colbert is Rosado's right-hand woman, and she is also Allure Realty's top-performing agent who also has the most experience.

Selling Tampa's Instagram page shared that Colbert first became interested in real estate as a child when her grandfather brought her along to inspections of apartments he owned.

Colbert works as a real estate agent and office manager at Allure Realty.

Rena Upshaw Frazier

Rena Upshaw Frazier was the first estate agent to join Allure Realty and she has degrees in both law and civil and environmental engineering.

She works with the company as a Broker's Associate, but the trailer for the series suggested Frazier may decide to leave Allure Realty and go on to make an agency or her own.

Colony Reeves

Colony Reeves is one of Allure Realty's top performing agents and she was also one of the first real estate professionals to join the company.

Selling Tampa's introduction of her on Instagram said Reeves "understands the importance of wealth building and homeownership", which is what makes her such an accomplished agent.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere has a long history of working in the housing business, first working as a property accountant before she became a real estate professional.

Petit-Frere has been named "Top Agent" at the company multiple times, and she is said to work "relentlessly" to get her clients what they want.

Tennille Moore

Tennille Moore works as a real estate agent with Allure Realty, and she has lived in the Tampa Bay area for many years.

She also worked for 16 years as the Chief Legislative Assistant in the Florida Senate, a role which has helped shape her career as a real estate agent.

Karla Giorgio

Karla Girogio is a licensed real estate professional who helps ensure "the client that their residential needs will be fulfilled."

She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Orlando, Florida as a teen, and Selling Tampa's Instagram introduction said at age 16 she began working at her father's car dealership, where she discovered her passion for selling.

Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams is a real estate agent who specializes in listing and selling residential homes, according to Selling Tampa's Instagram page.

In the post it was claimed part of Williams' role is to "keep her clients informed throughout the entire process, building rapport with buyers and sellers alike."

Selling Tampa is released on Wednesday, December 15 on Netflix.

Selling Tampa
Netflix's new reality show "Selling Tampa" is a spin-off of "Selling Sunset" and focuses on Sharelle Rosado and the real estate agents who work at her company Allure Realty. Netflix

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